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Breakout Normandy (BKN) 2018 PBEM Report Updated Jan. 29, 2018
36 Players Kevin Hammond History/Laurels PBEM Site
  2018 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Kevin Hammond’s Allies have defeated Jim Eliason’s Germans to capture the 10th BPA Breakout: Normandy PBeM Tournament. The decisive blow came on impulse 5 of the 11th when the Allies declared a double impulse against Carentan and captured its 2 VP’s. Generally considered a "German" player, Kevin was able to win 4 out of 5 matches with the Allies, including the last 2 rounds. Congratulations to Kevin, who adds this title to his 2 previous wins at the WBC. The tournament drew 36 players playing a total of 35 games.

Remaining laurelists are:

2nd Jim Eliason
3rd Larry Meyers
4th Kevin Wojtaszczyk
5th Ron Fedin
6th Mike Kaye
GM  Mark Gutfreund  gutfreund15@yahoo.com