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For The People (FTP) 2017 PBEM Report Updated Oct. 10, 2017
52 Players James Pei History/Laurels PBEM Site
  2010, 2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

The 2016-2017 For the People tournament garnered 52 entrants who played a total of 181 games. Participants played two games at a time for a total of four games. After that the top eight players engaged in single elimination.

The top eight players were: Warren Day, Roderick Lee, James Pei, Nick Pei, David Sherwood, Tim Tow, Michael Ussery, and George Young.

The final four included: Warren Day, Nick Pei, James Pei, and Tim Tow.

In the end, it was Warren Day as the Union vs. James Pei as the Confederacy. James skillful offensive by the Army of Northern Virginia, helped by a major campaign card, broke through the Union line and captured Washington DC at the end of turn two. The Army of the Potomac was in disarray and an early decisive victory by the CSA was achieved.

Remaining laurelists are:

2nd Warren Day
3rd Tim Tow
4th Nick Pei
5th David Sherwood
6th George Young
GM  Michael Day  Eggmode3@gmail.com