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Afrika Korps (AFK) 2017 PBEM Report Updated Oct. 10, 2017
32 Players Bert Schoose History/Laurels PBEM Site
  2010, 2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Bert Schoose defeats Ed Menzel to win the Afrika Korps email Tournament. Thirty two players entered the tournament with 29 games played.

In the semifinals Bert Schoose’s Allies defeated Joe Beard’s Axis and Ed Menzel’s Axis defeated Randy Heller’s Allies setting up the final match. Bert’s preference for the Axis was accepted by Ed. Bert’s Axis drove on Tobruch helped along by receiving the first two supplies. Bert maneuvered the Allies into a tight perimeter around Tobruch prudently conserving his supplies for a June I assault. The assault was an Axis success as they suffered no soak off casualties and eliminated two Allied units including a 2-2-6.

The Allies played the typical delay defense as the Axis drove east toward Alexandria. The Axis drive was helped considerably by receiving supplies on their next 6 supply rolls. These supply rolls were interspersed with two turns of pure maneuvering as Bert again wisely used his supplies sparingly. Compounding the Allies problems were the Axis lack of any losses and an accumulation of Allied losses.

With the Axis near El Alamein on their August I turn, the Allied prospects looked grim. So they launched a 2-1 breakout attempt on an Italian 2-3-4 guarding the Tobruch perimeter. A DB gave them hope as it forced the Axis back to Tobruch to deal with the threat. Unfortunately for the Allied cause, this was only a delay as the Axis were able to stabilize the situation by eliminating the two raiding Allied units threatening their supply line through the desert. With November reinforcements, the Axis resumed their eastward march. On Nov II, the Allies left a single 4-4-7 and a 1-1-6 to guard Tobruch putting two other armored units to sea for a potential counterattack near Fuka. The Axis could not achieve a 3-1 on the Tobruch garrison giving the Allies a 2/3 chance to hold the fortress if attacked. Unfortunately for Allies, the Axis did attack and got lucky with a 1-2 exchange on the armor and 5-1 AV on the 1-1-6 to capture Tobruch. That pretty much ended the game although the Allies made four 1-1 attacks across two turns hoping for some miracle dice. None of the attacks worked resulting in the Allies conceding on their December II, 1941 turn.

Luck favored the Axis, but Bert played an excellent game and certainly deserved the win.

Remaining laurelists are:

2nd Ed Menzel
3rd Joe Beard
4th Randy Heller
5th Gregory Hultgen
6th Joe Harkins
GM  Ed Menzel  edmenzel@roadrunner.com