PBeM fun is free to current BPA members. Others may qualify with a $10 Email membership in the year the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. See the BPA Terms page for details.

BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at abovethefields.com/top_pbem/

  June Update Last updated 7/13/2017.
STEIN SURVIVES TO WIN PRO GOLF: First round leader Peter Stein lived on the edge to claim his first BPA Green Jacket.  Peter ROLLED ONE DIE! 7 times during the round, and never once went out of bounds or in the water.  While five times he flirted with disaster and survived, two of those rolls were 50-50 chances to pitch in for eagles, and he made both rolls, finishing at 10 under par.  This left runner-up Ken Gutermuth one stroke behind.  Rounding out the top six were Scott Nerney, John Coussis, Jeff Finkeldey, and Bob Hamel.
SENN WINS TZOLKIN: Jon Senn’s second half monument building propels him to win over Moon Sultana despite scoring negative temple points.  Rounding out the laurelists were Steve LeWinter, David Borton, Eric Freeman, and Jeff Meyer.  Summary and more information on the tournament can be found at https://epworthian.wordpress.com/ .
FOR THE PEOPLE ENTERS SEMIFINALS: The 2016 For the People BPA Tournament has reached the Final 4. The tournament started with 52 players, and now we are down to the 4 finalists, who will play for the title in single elimination format. They are James Pei, Tim Tow, Nick Pei, and Warren Day.  Check out the details at   http://forthepeople3.weebly.com
POG ENTERS THIRD ROUND: Round 2 successfully concluded and tournament results can be found at http://www.bitterwoods.net/paths-of-glory-bpa-tourney-page/ .  The good news is that we had ZERO adjudications—there were numerous cases of good sportsmanship displayed in getting to equitable resolutions to games that were not going to finish.  The bad news is, of course, there is no rest for the weary—Round 3 has begun with only 23 participants at 2-0.