PBEM Tournament Overview Last updated March 28, 2018.

The BPA is about gamers of all levels coming together to enjoy the nuances of a favorite game, and the camaraderie this fosters, from round one to the vaunted Championship Match. Too bad its only once a year. It doesn't have to be. Email is allowing many players who thought they were too busy to rediscover their hobby and keep their games sharp in between conventions. The BPA is going year round with PBeM Tournaments for *selected games. For prospective PBeM GM's, please read the BPA PBeM GM Guidelines

Upcoming tournaments

Event GM Event Website Est. Start Date
Adel Verpflichtet ’18 John Pack http://www.gameaholics.com/adv_bpa/adv_format.htm April 1, 2018
Pro Golf ’18 Bruce Monnin http://user.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/pro_golf_pbem.html April 1, 2018
Waterloo '18 Ed Menzel http://watgame.com/ June 1, 2018

Ongoing tournaments

Event GM Event Website
Advanced Civilization ’18 Nathan Barhorst http://bpa-civ.rol-play.com
Breakout Normandy ’18 Mark Gutfreund https://sites.google.com/site/breakoutnormandytournament
Through the Ages '18 Randy Buehler http://www.new.meepleleague.com/bpa-through-the-ages-pbem-tournament/
Bitter Woods '17 Bruno Sinigaglio http://www.bitterwoods.net/bpa-pbem-2017
March Madness '17 Bruce Monnin http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/mms_home_page.html
Tzolkin '17 Rob Flowers https://epworthian.wordpress.com/tournament-format/
Twilight Struggle '17 Tim Tow https://twilightstruggletourney.wordpress.com/201718tourney/
For the People '17 Michael Day http://forthepeople3.weebly.com/2017-2018-ftp.html
The Russian Campaign '15 John Ohlin http://www.russiancampaign.com/bpa-sponsored-pbem-tournament-2014/
Paths of Glory '16 Michael Dauer http://www.bitterwoods.net/paths-of-glory-bpa-tourney-page/
Wilderness War '16 Keith Wixson https://wildernesswar2016.weebly.com/
Advanced Civilization '17 Nathan Barhorst http://bpa-civ.rol-play.com/
War at Sea '17 Darren Kilfara https://waratsea.jimdo.com/
Victory in the Pacific '17 John Pack http://www.gameaholics.com/vitp_bpa/vitp_bpa_single_elim_17.htm
Diplomacy ’18 Michael Day https://diplomacywwi.weebly.com