Board of Directors

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Updated 3/14/2017.

Ken Gutermuth, Chairman of the Board and Treasurer

Ken is VP, Corporate Planning, Analysis & Systems for CommScope in Hickory, North Carolina. He has been gaming since 1975 when he played his first game of Panzer Leader. Ken has attended Avaloncon/WBC since its inception and has been a GM and Assistant GM for many titles. His achievements at Avaloncon led to his election in 1997 to the Avaloncon Hall of Fame. Ken was Convention Director for BPA's Enlightenment mini-con. He handles the accounting portion of the BPA auction and is the incoming WBC Convention Director.

Favorite GamesAge of RenaissancePaths of Glory, Le Havre


Ralph Gleaton, Legal Counsel

Ralph is currently the managing partner of Gleaton Wyatt Hewitt, PA a law firm in Greenville, South Carolina, that focuses on acting as a general counsel to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial owned businesses. Prior to going into private practice 11 years ago, he was a prosecutor in South Carolina handling cases from petty misdemeanors to capitol murder. He began playing any game he could find when he was young but went into a game hiatus when he entered college for lack of people to play with. Fortunately for him, when he moved to Greenville he met the Greenville Mafia and plays all manor of games with them weekly. He attended his first WBC in 2001 and has been to every WBC since.

Favorite Games: Up Front, Successors


Kaarin Engelmann, Asst. Convention Director (Web, Social Media, Public Relations)

Kaarin is a freelance writer, editor, and business consultant based in Springfield, Virginia. In 1989, she and her husband formed Engelmann Military Simulations, which published three games: Rise and Fall, Shattered States, and Crisis Games: Colombia. Kaarin became truly addicted to gaming after attending the last AvalonCon, in 1998. Kaarin has attended almost every WBC and has served as a GM for both adult and junior events. She received the BPA’s Sportswoman of the Year award in 2002 and 2008. She was appointed to the BPA Board of Directors to fill out the remaining term of Stuart Tucker who resigned after the 2004 WBC and won election in 2005. She served on the board of directors through 2014. In 2005, she became Assistant Convention Director and BPA Webmaster.

Favorite Games: Here I Stand, Puerto Rico, Stock Car Championship Racing


Charles Kibler, Asst. Convention Director (Publications)

Charles is currently a freelance graphic designer, specializing in art for board-wargame components. He worked as an artist and designer at Avalon Hill Game Company from 1981 to 1995, and then at several Baltimore-area software firms. He designed “Red Barricades,” the first historical module for the ASL system, as well as the original rules & missions for ASL Solitaire. At the WBC, Charles & his wife Judy can usually be found behind the registration desk. Charles is an avid American Civil War re-enactor, donning blue or gray as the situation demands, and prefers the authentic/progressive ACW events.

Favorite Games: ASL, Wrasslin’, Robo-Rally, Mille-Borne


Bruce Monin, Secretary

Bruce is a substitute math teacher and a high school sportswriter in Minster, Ohio. He published the BOARDGAMER magazine until he became editor of MMP’s Operationsmagazine. He has been gaming since 1980 when he discovered Battle of the Bulge ’65. He has attended every Avaloncon/WBC, serving as GM since 1995 in seven different events and was honored with the Best GM award for his shepherding of the War At Sea tournament in 1998. He was appointed in 2000 by the BPA Board of Directors to fill out the remaining term of Russ Gifford, who retired for health reasons, and elected to a full three year term in 2002 and has served since that time.

Favorite Games: War At Sea, Wilderness War, Across Five Aprils, March Madness, Circus Maximus, Twilight Struggle


Max Jamelli, Web Design

Max is a high school business teacher and part time graphic designer. His media experience ranges from time working in network and local television to freelance sports writing. Max started gaming with his father playing LeMans, Wrasslin' and graduated into Air Baron, Tikal, and more. Max games with many different groups around Central PA. When he's not gaming, Max coaches 8th grade football.

Favorite Games: Air Baron, Lords of Baseball, Vegas Showdown, Union Pacific, Cuba, Stone Age