Boardgame Players Association Newsletter December 2015
Dec. 1, 2015
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GM OF THE YEAR: WBC attracts many Canadians each year and they return north with their fair share of wooden souvenirs as proof of their gaming prowess. But 2015 proved to be the first year one showed us how to run an event so well that he carried our GM of the Year award north of the border—and in his rookie year to boot! Duncan McGregor is a recent convert to our annual madness and enjoyed it so much, he decided to roll up his sleeves and get involved by running an event. It was his new event submission for Splendor which got it on the ballot—resulting in its inclusion as the seventh highest polling Trial event in the 2015 Membership Drive survey. Although prepared with a method to randomize tables, not even Duncan was prepared for the popularity of his new event—which drew an amazing 272 entrants over the course of three heats and generated 165 games. Fortunately, Duncan was admirably supported by his northern AGM cohorts as fellow Canadians Andrew Drummond and Sara VanderWal pitched in to help forge order out of chaos.

2015 AFTER ACTION REPORTS POSTED: The WBC 2015 Event After Action Report pages complete with the latest Laurel counts and photos as only WBC provides them are now available. Peruse them to recall last summer's fun or see what you missed before deciding what events to support with your votes when renewing your 2016 membership. 

DECEMBER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The Annual BPA Membership Drive when we offer our lowest rates and free premiums is now underway. Your participation in the Trial event selection vote is an important part of the process so please remember to vote when renewing your membership. If you have already joined for 2016, please take a moment to participate in the Trial Event and Sportsmanship votes by emailing with your choices. The Membership Drive commences Dec. 1 and lasts one month—after which it will be too late to vote or get the least expensive WBC admission rates. However, we remind everyone that rates and premiums have changed substantially (see WBC Pricing for details). In particular, the only early memberships that earn free yearbooks, t-shirts/hats are Tribune and Sponsor. Join now by completing the membership form or review the form for the ballot.

2016 CENTURY: Eleven events won Century status for the coming year (Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Concordia, Evolution, Fire in the Lake, Five Tribes, Lords of Waterdeep, Russian Railroads, Santa Fe Rails, Splendor, Star Wars Miniatures and Wellington). Ten were demoted and now need a sponsor or membership support in the Trial vote to be eligible for a return in 2016 (Age of Renaissance, Gangsters, Hammer of the Scots, Julius Caesar, Le Havre, Panzerblitz, Paydirt, Queen’s Gambit, Small World and Warriors of God). An 11th casualty was spared the requirement of a rescue by Board vote granting Legacy status to Superstar Baseball—the tenth such exemption thus far granted—expanding Century status to 110 events. You can view the currently eligible Century group and Trial ballot candidates on the Preliminary Events List/ Orphans page.

2015 SPORTSMANSHIP NOMINEES: The candidates for this year's Sportsman of the Year are posted. Peruse them and cast a vote for your pick when renewing your membership. Help us reward great sportsmanship with a free room by electing a truly deserving winner. 

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Keep up with WBC electronically by joining the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) Facebook group and the BPA_WBC Twitter Page. You can also easily find us in the Boardgame Geek Forums  under Gaming Related, Conventions, WBC.


TWILIGHT STRUGGLE TO BEGIN: A BPA PBeM tournament will commence on December 15th. The format will be SwissElim with the number of rounds dependent on the number of entries. Enter by posting a comment with your ACTS ID at

MARCH MADNESS STARTS DECEMBER 14: The 13th Annual BPA March Madness PBeM tournament commences its draft on Dec. 14. All players receive two teams, so are guaranteed at least two games. The format is single elimination until a champion is crowned, usually in late spring. If you have played March Madness before but are worried about using ACTS to play the game through email, Harry Flawd and Mark Yoshikawa are standing by ready to show you how easily it can be done. Check it all out at To enter, email before Dec. 14.

GCACW UPDATE: After two years of fighting it out over the electronic battlefields, the 2013 GCACW PBeM tournament has entered the final round. Congratulations to Patrick Pence and Bruno Passacantando for reaching the top of a 32-player field and earning the right to play for the championship. Bruno's Rebs are taking on Patrick's yanks in From the Rappahannock to Bull Run, a scenario from Stonewall Jackson's Way II. Bruno is a longtime GCACW player and past WBC champion, while Patrick burst onto the PBeM scene within the last ten years and quickly rose to the top of the ranks. We hope they enjoy the final match. 


Remember…all of the above PBeM fun is free to current BPA members. Others may qualify with a $10 Email membership in the year the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. See the BPA Terms page for details.


BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

Visit the BPA website at

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