Boardgame Players Association Newsletter — July 2009
July 13, 2009

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Just over two weeks to go before the 11th World Boardgaming Championships.  Not surprisingly, the news this time is all about getting ready for the big doings in Lancaster, PA.

TEAM TOURNAMENT TAKES SHAPE: 35 teams have already thrown down their  gauntlets for the 2009 Team Tournament and the Happy Handicapper has  posted the opening odds on the first 25 teams out of the paddock with  Da Boys as an early 11-1 favorite followed closely by Me & 3 Stiffs. But perennial favorite Nest of Spies has yet to toe the line - perhaps  intimidated by the return of Riku - the ferocious Finn, nor has the real Greenville Mafia or "manly" CABS been heard from.  Will last year's record field of 90 teams be topped? Will your team be chosen for logo notoriety by Herr Doctor?  Check out the developing details 
and the hilarious team logos at and email your entry to no later than July 25.  All teams require four pre-registered players who have registered to  play a different game.

LAST CHANCE TO VOTE: Only hours remain to cast your vote before the July 15 deadline. Use the E-Ballot for the 2009 Board of Director's election at Even if you're indifferent to the results, by law a % of the membership must cast  ballots for a valid election. Failure to do so, will require an  additional election at more expense which will ultimately be passed on to the membership. While ballots can be caste by mail or email also, true on-line voting for the ultimate in convenience is available at

WBC PROGRAM ON LINE:  The WBC program containing detailed alphabetical and chronological schedules of this year's World Boardgaming Championships is now available online in full color.  The version given out at WBC is a one-color booklet so those who appreciate the  easier reading color coding of the event lists may want to download and print out the colored version now. It can be had at

WBC SOUVENIR T-SHIRTS: This year's WBC silk-screened shirts feature the BPA logo on a light green shirt.  We no longer will be making shirts on site so if you'd like a souvenir shirt, you need to pre-order it for pickup at the show. See the pre-registration form for details. We will accept COD orders RECEIVED no later than July 22. Simply email with your order and size, and we'll have one put aside for you for payment upon arrival.

LADIES' SHIRT STYLES: A special V-neck cut for the ladies is also available but only on a white shirt and only in sizes Small to Xtra Large. If you have ordered a shirt without specifying the type, you will get the normal green shirt. To get the ladies V-neck style, you must specifically request it before July 22. No exchanges can be made on site. You can change your order or confirm the style you'll receive by emailing BEFORE July 22.
WBC 2009 Vendors and Exhibitors
GMT Games Rio Grande Hospital Lost Battalion Games Multiman Publishing Decision Games L2 Design Group Collins Epic Wargames Valley Games, Inc. Mayfair Games Z-Man Games
Clash of Arms Games Columbia Games Academy Games Lock 'n Load Publishing Harmony House Hobbies Canton Games Academy Games Our Game Table Gamebit Worthington Games Flying Buffalo

BEST VENDORS ROOM YET: WBC 2009 will feature our best assortment of Vendors and exhibitors ever with several first time attendees among the publishers including a few rumored newcomers yet to commit. Check out the links on our homepage to see the latest publishers to arrive at WBC.

REVAMPED SAMPLER SHOWCASE & GAME LIBRARY: Thanks to the globe trotting efforts of our reigning GM of the Year, Tom McCorry, the Sampler Showcase is back as an introduction (not a pre-con) of the new full week of WBC. Sampler  Showcase is an Open Gaming festival free to all paid current WBC attendees  featuring scheduled hands-on sessions for learning new games under the  direction of volunteer game mentors who will be on hand to teach many exciting new games. 14 titles are currently scheduled for sessions  and will be available in the BPA game library for use during the Sampler and throughout the week. See the Sampler schedule and details on the BPA game library under the direction of Keith Levy at

OPEN GAMING: In keeping with the increased emphasis on non-tournament gaming of the Sampler Showcase, Open Gaming space has been increased to record levels. For the first time, an entire ballroom will be dedicated to Open Gaming throughout the convention with Ballroom A serving that purpose Monday through Wednesday and the Lancaster Showroom performing that role Thursday thru Sunday.

WBC AUCTION PRE-REGISTRATION NEARLY FULL:  The first 426 lots have been posted at BPA is still accepting pre-registration of lots for its annual auction in Lancaster, PA  on Aug. 4. Items must be delivered in person on Monday night,  Aug. 3 or the following Tuesday morning before noon by registered members. Since the auction is very popular and lots are limited to the first 550 registered, pre-registration of items is essential. Our previous auctions have sold out via pre-registration so don't expect to bring items unregistered to the door. See the details at  Download your Lot Forms now. Don't procrastinate!

AUCTION STORE PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: We've expanded our popular Auction Store for the sale of additional lower priced items during the WBC auction. Located in the same showroom with the Auction, buyers  will be able to peruse items with a set price within view and earshot of the ongoing auction. The Auction Store increases the number of items sold in less time while offering sellers a more efficient way  to offer lower priced items at a reduced commission. Items in the Auction Store have a top price of $30 BUT MUST be pre-registered by July 25th. Don't be turned away for failure to pre-register items as a  few scofflaws were last year. Unregistered items will not be accepted. You need not prepay any fees until you deliver your items to the Auction Store but the items MUST BE preregistered. Come 
prepared with your Auction Store Item forms pre-completed. After processing the submission, the Auction Store Administrator will provide Lot Numbers  for the items. See for details and to download your Auction Store forms. Sellers are encouraged to read both the Auction and Auction Store details carefully to determine which venue is the best choice for their sales items.

WBC EVENT PREVIEWS: WBC 2009 is now on line with our usual full assortment of scheduling aides. Those with the latest in technology gadgets can view the latest event details while at the Host since the hotel is equipped for internet access. In depth previews of each of the 2009 WBC  tournaments  - including six Pre-Cons - many with new formats and relevant links - are now on line as only WBC does them at Be sure to check to see if details for any of your events have been updated since the initial posting.

WBC PRE-REGISTRATION FORMS:  The current Pre-Reg form can be downloaded from You can also check to see your current registration status or to advertise for rides, roommates, or Open gaming opportunities. It will be updated weekly as information is received. If you'd like help with any of the above, email your requests to to be listed on the page. Take a moment to pre-register now ... it beats paying those higher at-the-door prices and is much quicker when you're anxious to hit the gaming tables.

JUNIORS: In keeping with the family-friendly atmosphere of Lancaster Host (which is adjacent to an amusement park), WBC again slates a full schedule of Junior and Teen events to augment the kids playroom, poolside movies, terrific pool and host of recreational activities. Juniors attend free when accompanied by an adult member. View the Junior schedule at

Steve Okonski has once again worked his magic and  presented a host of convenient programming tools to help you plan 
your  WBC week. Choose from among the Custom Scheduler at, an All-in-One schedule at,  or several downloadable pdf pocket schedules. They can all be reached from:

LANCASTER HOST SELLOUT: Lancaster Host is already sold out for Wednesday through Saturday for the upcoming 2009 WBC. While you can still reserve rooms  at the Host for August 1st - 4th, you must check out by 11 AM  Wednesday. Not to worry - BPA also has group rates at the nearby Continental Inn across the street. The Continental offers bargain rates and free hot breakfasts when you ask for the World Boardgaming Championships group  rate. However, do not delay. Lancaster area hotels often sellout during the tourist season. Reserve your room now. Get the details at

SEMINARS & SPOUSAL SUPPORT: WBC also hosts interesting seminars for your breakers in between gaming and a variety of lectures and area activities for those less enamored with non-stop gaming. Peruse the PADutch website to find non-gaming activities in the area or attend one of our gaming widow hours to commiserate with other spouses who drown their sorrows in outlet shopping, plays, sewing, and sight seeing.

WBC 2009 POSTER/FLYER: Help spread the word. Download the current WBC poster or flyer featuring the artwork of Kurt Miller at and post it at your next club meeting or ask your local gamestore to display it.


SQUAD LEADER: The new Play By Email tournament start has been delayed to Aug. 15. Get the details at

THATCHER WINS AMUN-RE: Congrats to Greg Thatcher for winning the 2008 Amun-Re PBeM Spielbyweb tournament and thus scoring the last laurels before WBC week. Greg started the game with an impressive 22 pt old kingdom score on turn 3. He then managed to hold on, though having the least money heading into the new kingdom, to keep the victory. Managing to get Damanhur early to have some temple scoring in the end proved critical as the sacrifice hit the 3 level at game end. For full details of the tournament visit which has info about the tournament and links to all the spielbyweb games played. Also scoring laurels were Haim Hochboim, Chris Trimmer, Aran Warszawski, Arthur Field, and Eric Freeman who finished 2nd through 6th respectively in the seven round tournament. All six, including both Israelis, are expected to reprise the event live in a few weeks at WBC.

All BPA tournaments require current BPA membership when the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. Associate Calendar year memberships enabling play in all PBeM events starting in that year cost only $10 and earn discounts for pre-registered admission to all BPA gaming conferences. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. You can upgrade your current membership at any time by remitting additional funds. See for details.

BPA members who would like an email tournament for a particular game are encouraged to step forward to GM such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements  to host a BPA email tournament at


If you are not already receiving our monthly email newsletters, please subscribe as directed below as we are unable to add you ourselves. To receive our free monthly newsletters you MUST join the BPA mailing list by visiting to confirm your address and your desire to be on this list. Subscribing takes only a moment, ensures your privacy, and increases likelihood of receipt. The newsletter will continue to be posted in the WBC folder in the Conventions section of Consimworld and on our website but will otherwise be unavailable to those who do not join the list in this fashion. If already receiving the BPA News you need take no additional action.

Don Greenwood
WBC Convention Director

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