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Oct. 30, 2007

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TEAM CHAMPS AGAIN: Two-time defending champion Nest of Spies, a coalition of Card Driven Wargamers from four different states, justifiying their high ranking by the odds makers as the second-highest ranked team, repeated as champions of the 2007 Team Tournament over a field of 78 four-member squads, but they needed tie-breakers to do it as Those Other Guys used bonus points to forge a 17-point tie. They became the first team to win three titles, let alone three in a row, by replacing the absent Dave Dockter with Ron Fedin who contributed the crucial winning point for his 5th place laurels in Wilderness War. The team also got their customary seven points from James Pei who won For The People for the seventh straight year and eight points from Stefan MeCay repeating as champion of Twilight Struggle. Complete details on the Team Tournament including the order of finish for the top 25 teams can be found at

SUDY REPEATS AT WATERLOO: Congratulations to Kevin Sudy for successfully defending his championship in the Napoleonic Wars mini-con in true Napoleonic style, winning as the French and improving on the feats of the Emperor himself with a rare conquest of Russia in the title game. Kevin won four of six preliminary games before capping it off with a win in the title game. Ed Rothenheber finished second, and Ken Gutermuth third as he fell short in the title game for the second straight year. In all, 53 three-player games encompassing 124 turns were logged during the event—excluding numerous pickup games that preceded and followed the tournament portion of the weekend. Kevin's son, AJ Sudy finished 4th, followed by Fred Schachter and Rich Shipley who took 5th and 6th place laurels. See for more details.

EURO QUEST V SELLOUT: Euro Quest V starts November 9th featuring a new Veteran's Day Friday—
Monday format at the Days Hotel in Timonium, MD. Euro Quest offers a convention special discounted rate of $79 per night plus applicable taxes until Nov. 1 or our room block sells out, whichever occurs first. Mention "Euro Quest" when reserving your room. The hotel is already sold out save for our roomblock so you MUST mention Euro Quest to get a room and you must do it by Nov. 1.  Options include one king or two queen size beds with up to four persons per room. Room rate includes daily continental breakfast served from 6:30AM-9:30AM on second floor. Regular weekend rates are $99 per night plus applicable taxes. ( Chili's restaurant is attached to the hotel and is open for lunch and dinner. Complete details are available on line at

Individual event reports for each of WBCs tournaments are posted at Each page contains the GM's report plus Century status, 2007 laurelist photos, career laurel updates, and candid photos of the summer's event as only BPA does it. The 2008 Century has been expanded to 105 events by the addition of Kremlin as a Legacy event by Board vote. See how your favorites fared at

If you'd like to introduce a new event to WBC 2008 (or return an old one) NOW is the time to submit an event form to GM that event next summer. Only by doing so before Nov. 30, 2007, will that event be added to the ballot for our Annual December Membership Drive.  If your favorite game is missing, do something about it! Take a turn running it yourself. See the list of events already eligible to be run and those that will be on the ballot at and get an event form at

Prospective BPA members are urged NOT to renew memberships for 2008 until the December membership application is posted with the 2008 Ballot for Trial events. That page will be updated on or about Dec. 1, 2007.



MANIFEST DESTINY: Tom Taaffe, playing Louisiana, won the inaugural Manifest Destiny tournament in three rounds over a field of 36 players.  Tom had been neck and neck with Bob Heinzman, playing Virginia, most of the way, but blew open a close game at the end.  Tom combined skillful territorial control with drawing several useful leaders on the last two turns to win going away, despite not having a third level breakthrough. Instead, his dual second level breakthroughs of Electricity (shared with Kathy Stroh/Pennsylvania) propelled him to most cities and Think Tank enabled him to reject the few unhelpful cards he drew.  Bob got off to a solid mid-game lead with Tobacco payments and early Airplanes, but could not seal the deal as the cards deserted him.  David Hood, as Mexico, made a late move to edge Bob for second.  Kathy never recovered from a $50 McCarthyism hit courtesy of Scott Burns, Quebec, who never quite got untracked. Kate Taillon who was first alternate for the Final earned 6th place laurels.

The 2004 Saratoga PBeM Tournament ended in September 2007 with a Final game of Saratoga that pitted Jim Tracy against Terry Coleman. The British and Americans did not have their hearts in the battle and both sides played with a reluctance to carry the day.  However, toward mid-day the Americans rallied with confidence and resolve to attack the British and followed it up immediately pushing their new found confidence.  The British were taken aback and became demoralized as they ran from the battlefield. The Americans with Greene in command had seized the day. 22 players had started back in 2004.  Round 1 was a game of Guilford Courthouse.  Round 2 was Eutaw Springs.  Round 3 was Brandywine.  In all, 22 games were played by e-mail using Cyberboard. Also scoring laurels were Jeff Lange, Mauro Faina, Rob McCracken and Rod Coffey in third through sixth respectively.

GETTYSBURG: Round 3, the Quarterfinal Round, of our second PBeM Championship is now complete.  The four semifinalists are 2nd seed Allen Kaplan, #3 Ed Menzel, the GM Vince Meconi  (#4), and 8th-seeded Bill Place.  Bill scored the biggest upset so far by defeating #1 seed and defending champion Barry Shoults on a Turn 15 concession.  In other quarterfinal matches, Allen Kaplan's Union bested Doug Pratto, bidding 4, and Ed Menzel, bidding 3.5 for the South, topped Robin Chiang.  In the last quarterfinal matchup, Vince Meconi's Confederates (bid: 1.5) prevailed over Ted Drozd in a 23-turn marathon.  If you need any confirmation that the game was a lengthy one, how often do you see the Merritt cavalry division commanded by the Buford general unit?  The
Confederates prevailed in three of four quarterfinal contests, making PBeM II's score so far: Confederates 15, Union 9.  18 games had a Confederate bid (ranging from 0.5 to 5.0) and six had no bid.  The South took five of six contests without a bid, and 10 of 18 games with a bid. Look for a summer 2008 start for PBeM Championship III!

MARCH MADNESS: The Fifth Annual BPA March Madness PBeM Tournament is scheduled to begin a week after this newsletter is posted.Come join the fun in this quick and easy play by email tournament.  At least 40 participants are expected for this ever growing event. All games will be played using the ACTS March Madness module. All entrants in this event will receive two teams, one in each bracket.  That ensures that each player gets to play at least two games. The brackets are set up so a player who drafts low in one bracket gets to draft high in the other bracket.  For details, email or see the event webpage at:


All BPA PBeM tournaments require current BPA membership when the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. Associate Calendar year memberships enabling play in all PBeM events starting in that year cost only $10 and earn discounts for pre-registered admission to all BPA gaming conferences. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. Members are reminded they can upgrade their current memberships at any time by remitting the additional funds. See for details.

BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

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