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April 7, 2006

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Jeff Mullet, OH

Bill Crenshaw, VA

MULLET WINS ENLIGHTENMENT IX: Jeff Mullet of Columbus, OH, won his second Enlightenment title by winning three games in the four-round weekend conference that drew 30 of the top Age of Renaissance players. Als taking laurels were Ken Gutermuth, Ted Mullally, Chris Byrd, Terry Coleman and Carl Damcke who finished second through sixth respectively. A second tournament was held for the sequel Manifest Destiny which drew 17 players and was won by the designer Bill Crenshaw. The 2nd thru 6th laurelists were Arthur Field, Kevin Sudy, Tom Browne, AJ Sudy and Kathy Stroh. A detailed report can be found at

BLOCK PARTY III UP NEXT: The Boardgame Playeor’s Association & Columbus Area Boardgaming Society are sponsoring the third rendition of this mini-con on April 28 through 30 at the Radisson Worthington (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio). Hammer of the Scots, Liberty, War of 1812 & the new Commands & Colors: Ancients will provide the Laurel tournament fare. Tournament Gaming will begin around 6 p.m. Friday and will end sometime on Sunday. Open Gaming begins at noon on Friday. Pre-registration admission for BPA members is $25 if registered by April 15. At the door prices add an additional $10. See the Block Party page for details and pre-registration.

The convention will be held at the Radisson Worthington Hote, 7007 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43085. Phone 614-436-0700. The hotel provides a shuttle service to and from the airport. Room Rates are $70 for Friday and Saturday Night. State taxes of 15.75% apply. Call 614-436-0700 for reservations. Make sure you mention CABS/BLOCK PARTY for the convention rates. Deadline for hotel reservations is April 21. See for the hotel’s web site.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2006 ELECTION: The Ballot for the 2006 Board of Director’s election is now available at The candidates below are running for the seats. Please take a moment to cast your vote sometime before the July 15 deadline.

Don Greenwood, MD Andy Lewis, DE Joel Tamburo, IL  Ken Whitesell, PA

WBC STAFF POSITIONS: A limited number of paid staff positions are available for this summer’s WBC convention as Junior room monitors or Security/Room monitors. If finances prevent your attendance, this is your chance to get free room and admission plus wages. To apply as a Juniors Monitor, list relevant experience as a teacher, camp counselor, or childcare provider and any certifications. Free rooms must be shared with a roommate—so candidates applying as a pair willing to share a room are encouraged. If interested, please email no later than May 1. Candidates for Juniors Monitor should list relevant experience as teachers, camp counselors, etc.



MARCH MADNESS: Bruce Monnin emerged victorious over a 32 player field in the third annual BPA March Madness PBeM Championship when his Louisville ’75 squad edged Gene Gibson’s ’56 San Fancisco team 83-80. Bruce becomes the first player to win both the BPA’s March Madness championship at the World Boardgaming Championships as well as the PBeM title. Of the 62 games played in the tournament, over half were decided by a margin of victory of 9 points or less, with 17 games being decided by four or less. Also earning Laurels were John Coussis, Jeffrey Martin, Peter Staab and Derek Landel who finished third through sixth respectively. The tournament will be restarted next September or October. Come join us in determining next year’s champion of the BPA March Madness world. You can follow the tournament’s progress at

PATHS OF GLORY: The next BPA POG PBeM tournament has been delayed to May 1 with signups due by April 20. See for details.

SQUAD LEADER: David VanBronkhorst (VA) defeated John Blazel (WI) in the final match of the BPA Squad Leader PBEM tournament which started in 2004. This game was concluded with a stunning reversal in the final turn. 


All BPA PBeM tournaments require current BPA membership when the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. Associate Calendar year memberships enabling play in all PBeM events starting in that year cost only $10 and earn discounts for admission to all BPA gaming conferences. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. Members are reminded they can upgrade their current memberships at any time by remitting the additional funds. See the BPA Terms page for details.BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament.

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Don Greenwood

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