A Remembrance of Past WBC Friends
Feb. 21, 2015

This page is in memory of those BPA members who are no longer with us. We valued their fellowship and miss their presence. Please keep their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Submit information regarding your departed friends who would appreciate being remembered in this fashion. Include where they were from, significant dates, and up to 750 words about them. Send it to webmaster@boardgamers.org.

Paul Van Bloem 1961-2015

We sadly report the passing of longtime member Paul Van Bloem, 53, of Sykesville, MD on January 14. Paul founded the computer consultancy, Little Green Software, which he ran for three decades before taking employment with Lockheed Martin. An avid bicyclist and boardgamer, Paul was an active railgamer—playing supporting roles in the administration of Rail Baron and Empire Builder tournaments for many years, and placing second in both, but never achieving the grand prize. He amassed 104 laurels in WBC rail events and will be sorely missed by his fellow train gamers.

Richard Moyer 1958-2014

Richard passed away on Oct. 30, 2014, after a long illness. A lifelong gamer and avid game collector, Richard had been active at WBC for many years, making the long trek from Minnesota annually, first winning laurels in 2003. Neither distance nor declining health kept him from pursuing his passion for boardgames—making the last of his trips in 2011—with the aid of a wheel chair, oxygen tank, and the aid of his devoted wife Marla. Richard, an avid Red Sox fan, was best known for his mastery of the Superstar Baseball game, having won the event three times, and his 30-year involvement in a Strato-Matic Baseball league. He reached the pinnacle of his tournament success in 2009 when he combined wins in SSB and B17 to take Consul honors for the year. In all, he won laurels in seven different events while amassing a total of 359—174 of them in Superstar Baseball where he remains the top-ranked player in career laurels as of this writing. A longtime member of the 1st Minnesota Historical Wargame Society, he will be missed by his compatriots for both his sportsmanship and good cheer.

William F. Duke 2014

We are sad to report the death of longtime member William Duke after an eight year battle with cancer. A resident of Pasadena, MD, Bill passed away on 17 July 2014, just shy of his 58th Birthday. He was survived by his parents and three siblings, a wife, daughter, and one grandchild. He served in the U.S. Air Force and retired from the National Security Agency. He was an Eagle Scout and member of the Civil Air Patrol. Bill was a member of the Games Club of Maryland, and a regular participant at the WBC as long as his health permitted. He was a past champion of Rail Baron and frequent finalist in Settlers of Catan, among others, having amassed 166 laurels over an 11-year period.

John Wetherell 1960-2011

John had been an active member of our hobby since the start of our organization, having first attended Avaloncon with his father, Joe, with whom he shared his boardgaming hobby. His gaming interests spanned many genres but he was best known for his fondness for card driven wargames as a regular at the Winter Activation Meeting mini-conferences for those games.  His 180 laurels included tournament championships in Here I Stand and Sword of Rome, but his laurel footprint included high finishes in tournaments as varied as Decathlon, Tikal, Air Baron, Pacific Victory, 1812, Union Pacific, Formula De and 1960. Outside gaming, John was the environmental engineer manager for the division of planning and permits and was an avid cyclist. Memorial contributions to support pancreas research at Johns Hopkins can be sent to Johns Hopkins University, Ralph H. Hruban M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, 401 North Broadway, Weinberg 2242, Baltimore, MD 21231.

Paul Bolduc 1949-2011

Capt. Paul R. "Dr. B" Bolduc, Ph.D, 61, died peacefully in his Fort Walton Beach, Fla., home with his wife, Meg, by his side, on Aug. 31, 2011, after a long battle with cancer. Dr Bolduc was a regular attendee of WBC going back to the days of Avaloncon when he was active as the GM of Wizard's Quest for a small but dedicated group of mostly younger players. Although that event fell out of the competitions never to return, Paul continued to attend WBC faithfully every year and missed his first one this past summer. He had laurels in Gangsters, Circus Maximus and Union Pacific, among others, and twice won WBC tournaments. He served in the Air Force as a navigator on an AC-130H gunship. After entering civil service he was reassigned to the Environmental Department on Eglin Air Force Base as a physical chemist. His interests included home brewing, gaming and Stage Crafters. Paul will be remembered for his dry humor and honesty. He was buried at Barrancas National Cemetery with full military honors. Memorial donations can be made to the American Cancer Society, Wikepedia, ACTS, or Cyberboard. Please visit www.daviswatkins.com to express condolences and share memories.

Bob Dwyer 1955-2011

Bob Dwyer, a Charter Member of BPA, has lost his battle with cancer.  Only 55 years old, his red head and constant grin were a constant sight at WBC.  Bob was a major member of the Jersey Association of Gamers. His obituary and a link to a guestbook for condolences can be found at http://obits.nj.com/obituaries/starledger/obituary.aspx?n=robert-m-dwyer&pid=149825466. If you would like to make a donation in Bob’s name, consider the Oncology Dept at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ, or the American Cancer Society.

Gerald Lientz 1950-2010

Gerald missed his first WBC this past summer due to the illness that eventually took his life. He was especially active in Circus Maximus and Speed Circuit, being one of only three people to win Speed Circuit more than once in its 20-year history at WBC. He had participated on the Koleszar Lientz Plat team at WBC for several years. Gerald had retired at 52 and spent a good portion of his retirement years attending gaming conventions far and wide. He and longtime gaming friend Jake Jacoby made regular tours of flea markets to acquire games to resell at the WBC auction. A few years ago, Gerald won the Settlers of Catan Regional Championship and advanced to the National Championships.

Tom Dunning 1958-2010

Tom Dunning was a great gamer, good teacher and friend of gaming. Tom's passing will leave behind a giant hole in the Western New York, Euroquest and WBC gaming scenes.  Tom was an exceptional Euro gamer and held a special place in his heart for all train games and auction style games.  He loved competitive tournaments and yearly traveled to participate in Euroquest and the WBC along with playing in many of the BPA PBEM tournaments.  Over his years of competitive play Tom managed to rank in the top 25 gamers and won 10 tournaments.  One of his most notable wins was his first Empire Builder plaque which had him negotiate the purchase of the map from the final to preserve the crayon rails for history.  Tom's love for Empire Builder eventually lead him to GM the tournament.  Bill Peeck said about Tom, "Tom was one of the toughest gamers to beat that I ever played. If you managed to beat him, it was not by much and you knew you had played your best game that day."  Tom was always open for any gaming, even after working an overnight double shift.  He even won games while napping between moves!  Tom was also an expert Scrabble player. Additional memorials to Tom from friends are posted on BoardgameGeek.

John Popiden 1949-2009

John Popiden was a longtime boardgame enthusiast who actively pursued his wargaming interests. Those interests led him east to his first WBC in 2004 where he made an immediate impact with his skills in the traditional hex wargames and was a regular visitor in the years since, racking up 310 laurels in six years. He won titles in both Afrika Korps and Panzergruppe Guderian and was active in BPA email tournaments as well as at WBC. More importantly, he won instant friends with his quiet and friendly manner and was admired for his sportsmanship. He will be sorely missed this summer. Tom Johnston said about John: "I had the honor and privledge of playing John in the latest round of the online Afrika Korps tournament, he was the Allies. He thought he had me on the ropes a couple of times but I got out. I had him a time or two, but he showed me why he is a master at AK. Ultimately his skill won out. I consider it a compliment that he enjoyed our game so much he wanted to play friendly game with the sides reversed. I was so looking forward to seeing how the Germans should be played."

Hal Haag 1946-2009

Hal Haag had and wore many hats—father, collectyor of fine art, gamer, reader, web designer, and employee—to mention a few. He enjoyed a great variety of games, including Genial, Ticket to Ride, Alhambra, Caylus, Amun-Re, Yspahan, Age of Empires III, and Settlers of Catan. Though Hal's specialty was Carcassonne, it was strongly suspected that he loved the meeples more than the game. He ran tournaments at EuroQuest. He had many friends to laugh and smile with.

Tony Cadden 2006

Tony Cadden passed away on Jan. 6, 2006, after a long illness. Tony loved gaming, including trivia and wargames. Tournaments he played at WBC included History of the World. He was also a civil war buff, owning lots of period items and frequently particpating in renactments. Tony had served in the Marines.

Harold Siegelman 2003

Harold Siegelman attended Enlighenment, WBC, and EuroQuest. He was an active player who made the game enjoyable for everyone involved. He ran Mexica at WBC in 2002 and played Monsters Ravage America. He was one of the most active and competitive gamers in the Games Club of Maryland. As well as being an accomplished Euro-Gamer (including Puerto Rico and Prices of Florence), Harold was also a competitive tournament bridge player and was known for his prowess playing games online at BrettspielWelt, where he went by the moniker “Shlimazl.” At the time of his passing, Harold was looking forward to helping GCOM organize EuroQuest, and much of the format and prize structure for the wildcard event was based on early input from Harold.

Dave Streamo 1951-2003

It’s always a sad day to report the passing of a member of the gaming fraternity, especially a premature passing.  Those of you who attended the 2000 WBC remember the 2-man Massillon, Ohio contingent, Dave Streamo and Ron Dietz, who blitzed the field with identical 4-1 records in their first tournament appearances.  Dave lost a tiebreaker to make the final four and finished 6th; Ron took 4th place overall.  Herewith an appreciation of Dave Streamo from his best friend, Ron Dietz.

Dave Streamo and I attended the WBC in Baltimore 4 years ago. We participated in the War At Sea tournament. We did pretty good for ourselves, considering that we had never played in such a large scale tournament before, such as that one.  Ever since then, we have talked about attending another WBC and playing in the War At Sea tournament again. In September, my best friend for the last 30 years, Dave Streamo, suddenly passed away with a stroke.  He was only 52, and only four days younger than myself. We had first met at a hobby shop.  Since that day, we had been gaming together and attending game conventions together for 30 years.  For the last several years, we had been gaming together about twice a week on a regular basis. Very rarely did a week go by without us gaming at least once. One of the first boardgames we tried, way back then, was an Avalon Hill game called War At Sea.  It had become one of our favorites and we wore out both our copies of the game.  Maybe that’s why we did so well for our first time in the War At Sea tournament at the WBC.  At any rate, I will keep Dave’s copy of War At Sea and use it the next time I attend the WBC. My other boardgaming friends and I will miss Dave very much.  He was a very challenging gamer and a very good friend.  We lost a good one. Sincerely,  Ron Dietz

John B. Grant Jr. 2002

John B. Grant Jr. passed away from cancer at the age of 54 in October, 2002. John was an attorney and well known in the grognard gaming community as a competitive, yet consummate, sportsman. He was a regular at WBC, having attended the first Avaloncon in 1991. John was patient, courteous, and highly sought after as an opponent. He took first place wood in both Russian Front and Battle of the Bulge 1981. John’s favorite game was Avalon Hill’s Bitter Woods. He contributed to the design as both a playtester and rules editor. According to game designer and close friend, Randy Heller, the hobby hasn't been quite the same since John’s passing.

Wes Letzin 1922-2000

Wes Letzin, a World War II veteran, competed in War At Sea at the 1991, 1992, and 1993 Avaloncons. Vince Meconi received the following e-mail from his son Tim: “Mr. Meconi, I regret to inform you of the passing of my father, Wes Letzin.  He was an avid wargamer and though he enjoyed many different games, he only played one face-to-face: War At Sea!  He really enjoyed playing at the conventions.  You, and others, brought a lot of joy to my father and I wanted to thank you for that!  Even when he was too sick to go anymore, he would keep up on the latest news from the WAS front.  I’m also glad that Avalon Hill stayed around until after his death!  Thank you again for all your efforts, I know it’s not easy!!!  Tim Letzin

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