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Updated 5/19/18.


Can't Stop

The competition for our 26th GM of the Year Award was a close battle between a par of Canadians. Between the two of them, they were the GM of four events and two juniors events. For his efforts in running Can't Stop and Orleans, as well as Splendor Jr and Augustus Jr, Andrew Drummond defeated his friend from Ontario, Duncan McGregor to win the 2017 GM of the Year award. Andrew managed to accumulate two firsts, four seconds and two third place votes.

After a close two point loss in 2016, Andrew rose to the top of the GM class running four events and accumulating 95 points. Andrew and his Canuck support crew have been a breath of fresh air in what has become a very stagnant and shrinking GM pool. He brings joy to his events - dressing the part in themed garb that generates enthusiasm. Andrew would do more if we asked him to. Andrew worked with the publisher to provide additional prizes for his Orleans event. Andrew can always be seen assisting other GM’s in their events to help the tournaments run smoothly as is evident in the event reports that thank him for the support. He always performs all his duties as a GM timely.

Finishing behind Andrew, fellow Canadian and 2015 GM of the Year Duncan McGregor accumulated 85 points and three first place votes. Duncan earned his votes for running two large events, Dominion and Splendor and also assisting fellow 7 Wonders GM Phil Shea when he had travel delays and couldn't make the first day of his event.This was Duncan's second top 6 finish.

Third in the top GM efforts went to another of our double-dipping GMs who ran two events and garnered 78 votes including a first place vote. Keith Wixson ran Wilderness War for the 15th straight year and has managed to keep that out-of-print wargame in the Century despite declining numbers with a combination of appropriate tournament formats, expert commentary and tempting replica prizes. He is also in his fourth year as GM of Washington’s War. Both CDWs owe much of their WBC longevity to his persistent quality efforts. Keith also ran a PBeM tournament of Wilderness War this year. This was Keith’s fourth Top Six GM nomination.

Taking fourth place with 75 votes and two first place votes was long time Robo Rally GM Marc Houde. This is Marc's Secnd top six finish in his 19 years as GM of Rob Rally. Mark always makes WBC a priority in order to run the event. One of the very few GMs who gives convention director carte blanche to schedule his event whenever it causes least problems for the con. Mark continues to promote the game and draw new players.

Fifth place went to Greg Crowe with 70 votes. Greg's claim to fame is the degree of support he brings to this legacy event to include a host of special awards and trophy prizes. There is little doubt that his leadership has been a major part of the long standing success of this game at WBC. He also is a valuable assistant GM for John Corrado in his 2 events. This is Greg's third top six finish in the GM voting.

Rounding out the top 6 is first time top six nominee Tom Haver. Tom received 55 votes including one first place vote. Tom received two endorsements from his players for his efforts in running the Diplomacy tournament. One of the top support providers with expenses out of his own pocket and all for a game he does not play except as an eliminator to facilitate 7-player games.