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2014 GM of the Year :: Nick Ferris Click banners for information

7 Wonders

BPA is proud to present its 23rd GM of the Year Award to Nick Ferris. Nick wasted no time in impressing the voters, earning the award in only his second year on the job. He had entered WBC's GM ranks in 2013 with an impressive debut at the helm of two events which each drew in excess of 100 players.  That rookie performance nearly took home top honors also finishing second to Larry Lingle for the 2013 award. But there was no sophomore slump for Nick in his second year as he won the Award by a wide margin in amassing a near record 88 points—just one point shy of Claire Brosius' alltime high of 89 points set in 2011. He attracted three of the eight possible first place votes, plus three seconds, a third and a fourth to average 11 points per voter in our 12-point maximum scoring system.

Nick again ran two mega events (Seven Wonders and Dominion) which drew 151 and 108 players respectively without resorting to multiple heats. Although his well crafted event reports are second to none, he undoubtedly gained more attention for an amazing random seating system that instantly directed players to pre-numbered game tables allowing the quickest match preparation imaginable.

Placing second and earning his first Top Six notice with 68 points in only his third year as a GM was John Corrado whose humorously delivered Power Point presentation and well prepared trivia puzzles had Facts in Five on the threshold of triple digit participation with 96 entrants. The larger media rooms of Seven Springs may mean that he is not done breaking attendance records for this event. Like many of our unsung heroes, John also performed double duty by running Last Will as well. 

Michael Garton and John McLaughlin teamed up to earn 65 points and take third place with their always visually spectacular Stockcar Championship Racing to the delight of 46 drivers. Their 13th appearance netted one first place vote and earned their second Top Six nomination. Every year they bring enough copies to accommodate every entrant plus gorgeous 1:24 scale diecast NASCAR cars and tracks sufficient to build a gigantic oval for the 24-car final. They add to this with a projector to illustrate each turn for all to see and if you're lucky they may bring along their own version of the Goodyear blimp to fly overhead. All this happens with a hands-on approach that keeps the race moving fast.

Terry Coleman, our March Madness guru of the past 11 years, picked up his third Top Six performance with 59 points to take fourth. His four heats of basketball dice rolling are a can't miss feature of WBC for sports fans and attracted 44 players this year many of them for multiple heats and 88 games. Continuing a trend of overworked GMs in 2014, Terry also ran a second event, enabling 19 A House Divided fans to scratch their tournament itch.

Placing fifth was Bill Morse whose eight years as the power behind the throne that keeps the nine Grognard events going garnered 55 points to earn his second Top Six recognition. In all, the grognard free format events logged 378 wargames played, and Bill entered them all in his computer to print out twice daily standings.

One point behind was Greg Crowe whose 12-year run as GM of both the adult and junior versions of the Titan: The Arena event earned him the last of our Top Six GM recognitions for 2014. 96 players entered one or more of his three heats to battle not only for WBC wood, but the special medals and trophies he provides as extra prizes.

It is a pleasure to commend each and every one of these worthies for their efforts. Without them and many more like them there would be no WBC.  I would be remiss if I didn't point out that five of these six performed double duty or more with multiple events. All gratis. If you enjoy what they do, consider joining them in the GM ranks so they don't feel obliged to run more than one event.