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2005 GM of the Year :: John Sharp Click banners for information

Victory in the pacific

We are pleased to award the Best GM honor for 2005 to John Sharp with a score of 84 based on two 1sts, two 2nds, three 3rds and a 5th. The Board seemingly followed the recommendations of the players as John received the most favorable comments from the public at large as expressed in the recommendations sent to the Board. John won the award as the GM of Victory in the Pacific which moved to a Pre-Con slot this year. John continues the 15 year-old tradition of a seven-round swiss sytem and administered it while playing only as an Eliminator. He also hosts his own web site for the tournament and emails post- and pre-con newsletters to interested players. As our GM of the Year, John will receive free lodging at next year’s WBC.

Finishing second in the voting was John Weber who garnered a score of 80 for hosting WBC’s largest tournament for the past three years, Puerto Rico. The Board’s eight 1st votes were split evenly among the top four nominees with two apiece. Finishing third with 70 points was Keith Wixson for Wilderness War. Fourth went to Bruno Sinigaglio with 62 points who hosted two Century events and helped with a third while covering for his absent son. The leader of the grognards ran Anzio, Queen’s Gambit and Bulge '81. The fifth spot went to Ken Nied for Breakout Normandy with 48 points. The last spot in the “Top Six” was split between first-time GM Ivan Lawson for Lost Cities and Don Chappelle for We The Peoplewith 46 points each.