Convention AARs and Centurions
Event Reports

2000 Centurions  

By its second year, WBC was becoming more than just another gaming conference—even if it was a unique and especially good gaming conference. The fledgling Boardgame Player’s Association was looking for other ways to support its membership. It started with email tournaments for year ’round play of its events and now hosts dozens of ongoing events—many of which attract more players than their namesake at WBC—thus enabling those unable to attend WBC to get a taste of its competition. Two dedicated weekend mini-cons were added for fans ofBreakout Normandy (D-Day) and Age of Renaissance (Enlightenment) which allowed repeated swiss round play of these games without distractions.

2000 also marked the appearance of the WBC Yearbook…a tellall recap of all the events at WBC complete with winner’s pictures which remains an ongoing work in progress measuring the lifeblood of the BPA.

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The BPA website broke new ground in coverage of each event both prior to and after the conference—setting the bar for gaming conference information under the ever watchful eye of webmaster Steve Okonski. The conference continued to grow with the aid of World Dip Con which drew 141 Diplomacy players. Five events broke the century attendance mark led by Settlers of Catan (which tied the attendance record at 175) and two others just missed breaking into triple-digits. Six defending champs returned home with titles still intact. Ewan McNay and James Pei proved the most impressive of four double winners.