Convention AARs and Centurions
Event Reports

1997 Centurions  

Expansion came to Avaloncon in 1997 as the conference moved its starting time up from 6PM Wednesday to 10 AM—adding an additional eight hours of gaming. The extra time meant more heats and that, in turn, increased the century club to four events with Air Baron, Slapshot (now becoming an end-of-con tradition), History of the World and Age of Renaissance all drawing triple digits. Expansion was sought in other areas also as other game manufacturers made inquiries about being allowed to join the conference. This question was posed to attendees and GMs alike and a majority voted in favor of maintaining the focus on Avalon Hill games only.

Digital photography made its debut at the conference, replacing the polaroids that had instantly proclaimed event winners to passersby. While this meant that the winner's pictures were no longer instantly available on site, they were soon available on the internet which was rapidly becoming the media star of the age as well as in The General. Six defending champs held serve but no one was able to hit a triple. Doubles hitters were John Coussis, Jim Doughan. John Emery, Phil Evans, Dave Metzger, and Bruce Reiff with Doughan topping Emery for best individual performance based on number of entrants defeated.

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