Convention AARs and Centurions
Event Reports

1995 Centurions  

Avaloncon V dispensed with mandatory AREA player rankings for the first time and made such results voluntary. To this date, GMs are encouraged to forward tournament game results to AREA but are not obligated to do so. If you want your game results recorded for the AREA player rankings you should remind your GM that you would appreciate that service, but such compliance is still voluntary. Traditionally, only about half of our GMs comply with AREA requests for results. Otherwise, it was deja vu.

ASL again led the events with 130 players and was again paced by History of the World (108) as its only competition in triple digits. However, unknown to anyone at the time, ASL had plateaued and would begin a decline in attendance that would knock it from the throne shortly. Eight defending champions held serve (ASL, Anzio, Blackbeard, Civil War, Paydirt, 1776, Statis Pro Basketball and Waterloo). Three players managed to enter the winner's circle twice (Rob Beyma, Ken Gutermuth, and Bruce Reiff), although top individual honors went to Gary Fortenberry who successfully defended his championship in the gruelling seven-round ASL tournament against a field of 130.

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