Convention AARs and Centurions
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1993 Centurions  

It only took two years to outgrow the initial site, and Avaloncon III bid farewell to the Penn Harris and hello to the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, MD, to enthusiastic reviews. The number of events grew as did the number of participants and the length of the con as Wednesday evening now officially opened the fray. The Avalon Hill Advisory Panel was introduced to give the GMs—the folks that made it all possible—a say in convention policies with quarterly newsletters and surveys. Also making great strides were the Juniors events as the suitability of the new site really lent itself to family outings with more and more fathers vowing to bring their kids next year. ASL again led the way with 120 entrants.

Regulars noted that the convention was becoming a reunion of sorts with return visits very likely—enabling the renewal of old friendships and rivalries—challenges that make the games even more fun than just discovering the different playing styles practised by those from other areas. One such style that made a lasting impression is the skillful play of the Greenville Mafia club which makes its first appearance and departs with an assortment of wood for their walls—including the team championship.

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It would not be the last we heard from the denizens of this gaming group which rapidly carved out a niche of gaming respect in the pantheon of Avaloncon records. Dan Vice (Advanced Civilization), Mike Sincavage (Anzio), Mike Newman (Fortress Europa), Phil Rennert (Panzergruppe Guderian), Kevin Quirk (Rail Baron), Jerry Ingersoll (Third Reich), William Patrick (Tyranno Ex), and John Boisvert (Wooden Ships) all successfully held serve in defending their respective championships. Bruce Young led the double dippers with wins in Up Front and Attack Sub but was joined by Nick Frydas from Greece (Across Five Aprils, War & Peace), and Kevin McCarthy (Bulge '91, Gettysburg).