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Ewan McNay

Ewan McNay vaulted over both James Pei and Sceadeau D’Tela to score annual metagaming honors for the first time in earning the 2015 Consul award. Stripping away email and Pre-Con laurels left McNay in the lead as all of his 120 laurel total was earned during WBC week wih a triple win in Ingenius, Britannia and Robo Rally.

The movement of WBC to a full nine-day format in 2016 will remove the concept of Pre-Cons and, thus, make email tournaments the sole difference between Caesar and Consul honors in the future.

The Mighty Finn, Riku Riekkinen, finished second with 112 laurels—eight behind McNay. Three runner-up finishes in 1989, Russian Railroads and Twilight Struggle cost him the title, as a victory in any of them would have made him Consul. Sceadeau D’Tela was third—11 laurels behind—done in by the loss of his Pre-Con laurels for a second in Through the Ages.

Caesar James Pei was sixth, 18 laurels off the pace and four behind relative newcomers Max DuBoff and Ryan Romanik, who tied for fourth. Completing the Top Ten were Wade Campbell, Matt Calkins, triple winner Ricky Boyes, and Duncan McGregor. All but Calkins were WBC newcomers of varying degrees.

Line of succession for Consul 2015
Riekkinen, fi

2nd - 112 Laurels
D'Tela, NC

3rd - 109 Laurels
Max DuBoff, 

4th - 106 Laurels
Romanik, MI

5th - 92 Laurels
Pei, VA

6th - 102 Laurels
2015 Rank Competitor WBC Laurels WBC Tally Board
1 Ewan McNay, NY 120 BRI 1st 40, ING 1st 30, RRY 1st 50
2 Riku Riekkinen, fi 112 989 2nd 24, CCA 1st 40, RRR 2nd 18, TWS 2nd 30
3 Sceadeau D'Tela, NC 109 AGR 1st 40, BRS 4th 9, CMK 2nd 24, EGZ 1st 30, EVL 5th 6
4 Max DuBoff, NJ 106 989 1st 40, GXY 4th 6, TTR 1st 60
5 Ryan Romanik, MI 106 CNS 5th 6, RA! 1st 50, SET 1st 50
6 James Pei, VA 102 FMR 5th 6, FTP 1st 40, SKG 1st 40, WWR 3rd 16
7 Wade Campbell, on 99 ACV 1st 60, AOR 1st 30, POF 4th 9
8 Matt Calkins, VA 96 AUT 3rd 12, PGD 1st 60, TTA 1st 20, TAM 5th 4
9 Ricky Boyes, WA 92 RFG 1st 20, RGD 1st 30, SMW 1st 30, VSD 4th 12
10 Duncan McGregor, on 83 7WS 4th 15, CNC 2nd 18, DOM 3rd 16, GXT 5th 4, SFR 1st 30