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2014 Consul Award Richard Beyma

For the second time in the same year, Nick Henning was denied in a surprising upset as Richard Beyma surpassed his WBC total to take Consul honors for 2014. This time, Nick was done in by the loss of 60 laurels for Through the Ages when it was determined that the event should be considered a Pre-Con since it was not possible to laurel in the event by playing in only the Monday heat. The result was ironic because Richard scored most of his laurels in Grognard events whose preliminary round was also partially contested in the pre-con. However, none of those events required play during the Pre-Con and could be won without Pre-Con attendance. It is a distinction which blurs the lines between which events are eligible for the various metagaming awards and will be revisited by the Board in their 2014 session to determine whether Pre-Con events should be included in Consul scoring in the future. If so, the only difference between Caesar and Consul would be the addition of email tournaments to the former.

Caesar James Pei was third, 30 laurels off the pace. But perhaps the most surprising contenders were Nathan Barhorst and Karl Henning in their first appearance in the Top 25. Nathan parlayed a 1st and 2nd in only two events (both level 6) to finish 4th with 96 laurels. Karl completed the Henning's brothers magical week with a pair of firsts to claim fifth with 92 laurels. Bruce Young edged David Platnick on the first tiebreaker to claim sixth with 90 laurels.

Line of succession for Consul 2014
Nick Henning, 

2nd - 109 Laurels
James Pei,

3rd - 98 Laurels
Nathan Barhorst,

4th - 96 Laurels
Karl Henning,

5th - 92 Laurels
Bruce Young,

6th - 90 Laurels
Ranking Competitor WBC Laurels WBC Tally Board
1 Richard Beyma, VA, 128 AFK 6th 3, BWD 2nd 24, GBG 4th 9, MAN 3rd 12, TRC 1st 40, WAT 1st 40
2 Nick Henning, DC
AOR 1st 30, AUT 1st 30, GXT 5th 4, KYF 1st 20, LWL 1st 20, SPY 6th 2, TZK 6th 3
3 James Pei, VA
FTP 1st 40, SKG 1st 40, WNW 2nd 18
4 Nathan Barhorst, MI
ACV 2nd 36, HWD 1st 60
5 Karl Henning, DC
B17 1st 60, GXT 1st 20, KYF 2nd 12
6 Bruce Young, SC
AOA 3rd 8, ATS 2nd 12, HNT 1st 20, NW5 1st 50
7 David Platnick, VA
7WS 1st 40, AMR 1st 30, GOA 3rd 8, PRO 5th 8, SPY 5th 4
8 Joe Burch, MD
EIS 5th 6, GXY 1st 20, SET 1st 60
9 Curt Collins II, PA
FDE 2nd 24, KYF 5th 4, MED 6th 2, SRF 1st 30, UNP 1st 20
10 Jeff Mullet, OH
AOR 3rd 12, MFD 3ed 12, PGF 4th 6, SJN 1st 50