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2013 Consul Award Ken Gutermuth

Even mandatory Board Meetings, Auction finances, and other assorted convention management duties could not prevent our talented Chairman of the Board from posting the best results during WBC week to claim Consul honors for 2013 with wins in Auction and Empire Builder coupled with laurels for three other events. A mere four laurels separated him from Nick Henning who posted his third straight triple digit laurel week and was bidding for his third consecutive Consul Award with wins in A Few Acres of Snow and Galaxy Trucker plus laurels from four other events.

David Platnick was third, only eight laurels off the pace, with a win in Princes of Florence, two seconds and a third in an all-Euro performance. But perhaps the most eye-catching week was had by newcomer Trella Bromley in her first WBC. The Train Gamers exec and lone woman in the Top 25 proved she knew her stuff around the rail yard with an all-rails 98-laurel week. Improving either of her two thirds in Empire Builder or Ticket to Ride to runner-up status would have netted another 12 laurels and a Consul award. Robert Kircher finished fifth with wins in Amun-Re and Santa Fe Rails plus three also-rans. The defending Caesar, Randy Buehler, did not give up without a fight—scoring laurels in six events and winning two—but he was unable to record a signature win to finish sixth for the week with 94 laurels in six Euros.

Notably absent from the Top 10 resumes were wargame results—with only Bruce Reiff's claim to Battle Cry laurels presenting any balm at all to wargamers, slim though that may be.

Line of succession for Consul 2013
Nick Henning, DC
2nd - 104 Laurels
David Platnick, VA
3rd - 100 Laurels
Trella Bromley, FL
4th - 98 Laurels
Robert Kircher, RI
5th - 95 Laurels
Randy Buehler, WA
6th - 94 Laurels
Consul Ranking  Competitor WBC Laurels  WBC Tally Board
1 Ken Gutermuth, NC
ALH 5th 8, AUC 1st 20, EPB 1st 60, MMS 3rd 12, WPS 3rd 8
2 Nick Henning, DC
AUT 2nd 18, FAS 1st 20, FDE 2nd 24, GXT 1st 20, LWL 6th 2, RRY 3rd 20
3 David Platnick, VA
7WS 3rd 16, POF 1st 30, PRO 2nd 24, Ra! 2nd 30
4 Trella Bromley, FL
EPB 3rd 24, RBN 1st 50, TTR 3rd 24
5 Robert Kircher, RI
AMR 1st 30, NVG 3rd 12, RFG 4th 9, SJN 2nd 24, SFR 1st 20
6 Randy Buehler, WA
CAR 5th 6, CQF 1st 20, GOA 5th 6, LWL 1st 20, AGE 4th 18, VSD 2nd 24
7 Aran Warszawski, il
AMR 3rd 12, AUC 2nd 12, E&T 3rd 8, AGE 2nd 36, T&T 2nd 24
8 Andrew Emerick, CT
AMR 4th 9, EGZ 1st 30, LID 1st 40, NVG 5th 6, AGE 6th 6
9 Bruce Reiff, OH
AUC 4th 6, BCY 4th 9, FBS 1st 20, SJN 1st 40, WPS 2nd 12
10 Brandon Bernard, PA
ABN 4th 12, DOM 1st 40, ELF 5th 4, FMR 4th 12, PRC 3rd 16