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2012 Consul Award Nick Henning

Our first Juniors progam graduate has clawed his way to the top by posting the best WBC week of 2012 to elbow two-time Caesar Randy Buehler aside by 17 laurels. Although Randy may well have a case that this is one title deserving of an asterisk. Had his 60-laurel win for Through the Ages counted as a WBC event rather than a Pre-Con, he would have won handily and ruled alone again. The part Pre-Con, part WBC events will always leave the door open for controversy. Although only eighth in the Caesar standings, Nick was one of the eight Top 25 gamers of the year to score all his laurels in the seven days of WBC. Despite Nick’s belated start, his recent back-to-back-to-back campaigns have raised him to 17th place on BPA’s all time Laurelists—only nine places and 230 laurels behind his dad.

Although Nick won three events he was put over the top by scoring in four others with two seconds, a fourth and a sixth. Doug Galullo matched him by scoring in seven events but could muster only one win and finished sixth overall. In contrast, Jason Levine won four events, but they were small and had only one other laurel event, finishing fourth overall. The contenders who surpassed 100 laurels at WBC included Matt Calkins, Jason Levine, Eric Freeman and Doug Galullo in that order. Only Henning managed to repeat as a top Consul contender, improving from 4th in 2010 to second in 2011 and king of the hill in 2012.

Line of succession for Consul 2013
Randy Buehler, WA
2nd - 116 Laurels
Matt Calkins, VA
3rd - 108 Laurels
Jason Levine, NY
4th - 106 Laurels
Eric Freeman, PA
5th - 104 Laurels
Doug Galullo, MD
6th - 102 Laurels
Competitor - From
WBC Laurels
 Tally Board
 1. Nick Henning, DC
AUT 1st 30, FAS 2nd 18, GXT 2nd 12, GSR 6th 4, LRC 4th 9, MRA 1st 30, PGD 1st 30
 2.  Randy Buehler, WA
EGZ 3rd 12, HWI 3rd 8, NVG 2nd 16, SPG 1st 40, T&T 1st 40,
 3.  Matt Calkins, VA
ACQ 2nd 18, PGD 1st 60, TTA 1st 30
 4.  Jason Levine, NY
LWL 1st 20, POF 1st 30, PGF 5th 6, SJN 1st 30, WPS 1st 20
 5.  Eric Freeman, PA
AMR 2nd 18, ELG 1st 30, E&T 3rd 8, PRO 2nd 30, Ra! 3rd 16, YSP 6th 2
 6.  Doug Galullo, MD
ACV 1st 50, BAT 5th 4, CMS 5th 12, FBS 4th 6, MFD 5th 6, MED 3rd 8, SLS 3rd 16,
 7.  Dominic Blais, qc
AMR 6th 3, HWI 1st 20, MED 5th 4, STA 1st 60
 8. Andrew Emerick, CT 
7WS 1st 40, EGZ 5th 6, LWL 3rd 8, NVG 1st 30,
 9.  Nick Page, on
FAS 1st 30, LHV 2nd 18, LRC 1st 30, RFG 6th 3
10.  Curt Collins II, PA
ELG 2nd 18, HWI 4th 6, RDG 4th 9, RFG 3rd 12, UNP 1st 30, VSD 5th 6