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2011 Consul Award Randy Buehler

For the first time since 2007 when Raphael Lehrer swept both the Caesar and Consul awards, our Caesar will rule alone. Randy Buehler's performance proved the best in both the seven days of WBC week proper and the cumulative totals of all BPA tournaments during the year as well. In keeping with our Roman inspiration, no Consul award will be presented in 2011 so that Randy can bask in all his glory.

The other top contenders who surpassed 100 laurels at WBC included Nick Henning, Richard Meyer, Curt Collins, Richard Beyma and James Pei in that order. Although Randy won three events he fended off competition for Consul by scoring in five others. Curt Collins came closest to matching him in divesity with points from six events, but they were much smaller. In contrast, Kevin Youells scored the most laurels with his two wins but failed to pick up points elsewhere. Only Henning managed to repeat as a top Consul contender, improving from 4th in 2010 to second in 2011.

Line of succession for Consul 2013
Nick Henning, DC
2nd - 120 Laurels
Richard Meyer, MA
3rd - 118 Laurels
Curt Collins II, PA
4th - 115 Laurels
Richard Beyma, VA
5th - 114 Laurels
James Pei, VA
6th - 102 Laurels
 Competitor - From
WBC Laurels
 Tally Board
 1. Randy Buehler, WA
DOM 1st 40, EGZ 1st 30, FRS 4th 6, POF 1st 30, SPG 5th 8, SMK 5th 4, T&T 4th 9, TKL 5th 6
 2. Nick Henning, DC
GSR 1st 40, LRC 1st 20, MRA 1st 30, STA 2nd 30
3. Richard Meyer, MA
CYL 2nd 18, EPB 1st 60, RA! 1st 40
4. Curt Collins II, PA
DOS 1st 20, ELG 1st 30, SMK 3rd 8, SCC 3rd 12, TTR 4th 15, UNP 1st 30
 5. Richard Beyma, VA
GBG 2nd 24, MAN 1st 30, RBS 1st 30, WAT 1st 30
 6. James Pei, VA
ACQ 3rd 12, FTP 1st 50; WNW 1st 40
7. Marvin Birnbaum, NY
BKN 1st 40, MMS 1st 30, MRA 2nd 18, WTP 4th 12
8. Kevin Youells, PA
ACV 1st 50, HWD 1st 50
9. David Platnick, VA
NVG 2nd 18, POF 5th 6, PRO 1st 50, RFG 6th 3, QGB 2nd 18
10. Jason Levine, NY
FDE 1st 40, MCO 4th 6, POF 2nd 18, SPG 2nd 24, WPS 5th 6