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2007 Consul Award Raphael Lehrer

Once you strip away the points for email tournaments, mini-cons, and Pre-Cons you get a clearer picture of who was king of the roost for those six days in August. No Consul was awarded in 2007 because Raphael Lehrer swept both the six days of WBC and the tournaments during the rest of the year. Raphael had a 12-laurel edge over Bert Schoose as Euros edged grognard wargames as the genre of choice for those contemplating high Laurel totals. This is especially noteworthy because at various times there have been whines from both those camps that the Laurels odds are stacked against them. Not long ago we had a sportsgamer claim Consul. So what genre is it now that has no chance?

Competitor - From Laurels/Total  Tally Board
 1. Raphael Lehrer, MD 130/1st GOA 2nd 18, PRO 1st 50, POE 1st 30, TRA 1st 20, SFR 2nd 12,
 2. Bert Schoose, IL 118/7th AFK 1st 30, FBS 2nd 18, PZB 1st 30, TRC 1st 40,
 3. Stefan Mecay, TX 110/2nd POG 1st 60, TWS 1st 50,
 4. Aaron Fuegi, MA 98/15th E&T 1st 20, TTN 1st 60, TT2 2nd 18,
 5. Bruce Reiff, OH 98/11th ATK 2nd 12, AUC 4th 6, BAT 1st 20, FBS 1st 30, LID 5th 6, WPS 5th 6, MED 2nd 18
 6. Harald Henning, CT 93/5th AOR 4th 9, MFD 2nd 24, MED 1st 30, TKL 1st 30,
 7. Josh Githens, SC 92/16th CMS 1st 60, FDE 3rd 12, PGF 6th 2, SET 4th 18,
 8. Nick Benedict, CA 76/22nd BRI 2nd 24, HOS 3rd 12, KGM 1st 30, LIB 1st 10,
 9. Eric Brosius, MA 74/23rd EPB 1st 50, FI5 2nd 12, LST 3rd 12,