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2004 Consul Award Devin Flawd

With such a dominating performance for Caesar honors by James Pei, much of the suspense was missing from this year’s competition going into WBC. Why not just make him Dictator for Life and give someone else a chance, one might ask. This has led, in turn, to the creation of a second yearly cumulative award—Consul—composed of just the results earned in the six days of WBC itself. All Laurels earned at WBC will still count for the Caesar Award, but only those earned at WBC itself will determine the Consul so as to give everyone an equal shot on a level playing field at the meta honors regardless of their event choices and budget.

We turned to Roman history for inspiration in creating our twin leader honors to keep one top honor always up for grabs at WBC. Should our Caesar winner also dominate WBC, no Consul award will be given and Caesar will rule alone. Otherwise, there will be two top dogs each year. As dominating as his year was, James Pei came up two laurels short of ruling alone atop the BPA empire. Young Devin Flawd, competing primarily in the sports genre which many lament as threatened at WBC, amassed 111 laurels while winning three events and placing in two others to become the first Consul.

His win is especially noteworthy for two reasons. First, it shoots down the the theory that the meta awards are just for those playing mainstream games. Poppycock! Laments that such and such a genre don’t stand a chance are mere whining—the laurels system reaches across all genres to measure relative dominance fairly. Anyone having a great week can win Consul regardless of what they play—save perhaps those playing the week-long World At War game that limits them to one event. Secondly, Devin’s win serves notice that youth will be served. Both he and third-place finisher Nick Henning are graduates of the WBC’s Junior competitions. Grognards beware. Make way for the Young Turks.

Line of Succession for 2004 Consul
James Pei
2nd - TX
Nicholas Henning
3rd - CT
Rob Winslow
4th - NY
Aran Warszawski
5th - Israel
David Gantt
6th - SC


 Competitor - From Laurels/  Tally Board
 1. Devin Flawd, PA 111 PDT 2nd 4th 27, PGF 1st 30, SLS 1st 30, SSB 5th 4, TTA 1st 20,
 2. James Pei, TX 109 AOA 5th 4, FTP 1st 50, HRC 6th 5, WNW 1st 50,
 3. Nick Henning, CT 103 ADV 4th 9, FDE 5th 6, GSR 1st 50, MRA 1st 30, PRS 3rd 8,
 4. Rob Winslow, NY   92 ACS 1st 50, GXY 3rd 12, WNW 2nd 30
 5. Aran Warszawski, Israel   90 E&T 1st 30, SET 1st 60
 6. David Gantt, SC   90 ACQ 1st 30, NW5 1st 60,
 7. Arthur Field, SC   85 AMR 6th 3, AUC 4th 6, BAT 1st 20, MEX 3rd 8, PRO 5th 12, TKL 2nd 18, UNP 2nd 18,
 8. Harald Henning, CT   85 ACV 1st 50, AOR 6th 5, TKL 1st 30,
 9. Jeff Mullet, OH   84 ATK 1st 30, AUC 2nd 12, BCY 4th 9, LID 6th 3, SJN 1st 30,
10. Hochboim, Haim, Israel   84 E&T 5th 6, HWD 1st 60, SET 4th 18,