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  Lords of Waterdeep (LWD) Event History & Laurels
Updated November 3, 2018
World Boardgaming Championships
Year Winner Players
2015 Alistair Thach 124
2016 Ricky Boyes 112
2017 Chris Gnech 118
2018 Erica Kirchner 113
BPA Laurels
Rank Name Last Total
1.Ricky Boyes201640
1.Alistair Thach201540
1.Rick Kirchner201740
1.Chris Gnech201740
1.Erica Kirchner201840
6.Robert St. Pierre201828
7.Pete Noteman201624
7.Peter Tu201524
7.Rich Meyer201824
10.Eric Monte201616
10.Rob Kircher201716
12.Michael Shea201612
12.Michael Vaz201512
12.Marcy Morelli201812
15.Jason Ley20168
15.Herbert Gratz20158
15.Cliff Ackman20178
15.Connie Vogelmann20188
19.Ray Wolff20164
19.William Bleier20154
19.Eric Monte20174
19.Shannon Cooley20184