BPA 2016 Election Ballot
March 1, 2016


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All current members of the BPA may vote regardless of membership level—including all paid pre-registrants of the 2016 World Boardgaming Championships—except those purchasing one-day Guest passes. Votes will be recorded in accordance with membership status as outlined on the membership page and are weighted appropriately by election officials. Those elected to the BPA Board will serve three-year terms through the 2019 convention season. The new Board will be introduced during the BPA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, July 26, at 3 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, PA. All BPA members are invited to attend.

In order to vote, use our electronic ballot. The e-mail you supply with your vote must match the e-mail we have on file for you (and will be the e-mail this Notice was sent to). Each member may cast only one ballot, and may vote for up to three (3) individual candidates on that ballot. Multiple ballots from the same e-mail address will be disqualified.  The final day to vote is June 15, 2016. In order for your vote to count, you must cast your ballot on the website no later than midnight (EST) on June 15, 2016.

For those without internet access, we will accept ballots by United States Post Office Regular Mail.  Mail your ballot to: BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602 in time for delivery by June 15, 2016. Ballots delivered in any other manner will not be considered. 

The last day to join the BPA in order to be eligible to vote is June 15, the "Record Date". In order for the Vote to count, a quorum of ten percent (10%) of all members who have joined the BPA as of the Record Date must cast valid ballots on or before the Final Voting Date. We anticipate the required Quorum will be approximately 140 voters.

NOTE: Any person may run for election as a Director. Candidates must comply with the Board’s nomination rules in order to be placed on the ballot. The three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected.

[  ] Josh Githens, SC—I am the North American Sales Director for Czech Games Edition.  I have previously worked for HASBRO and Asmodee as well as my own game store, Boardwalk (Greenville, SC). I enjoy playing a wide range of games including Circus Maximus, Tokaido, Napoleonic Wars, Colt Express, and others.  I look forward to meeting with my group every week to enjoy gaming, but more importantly spending time with friends. This is the same way I feel about WBC, having attended since 1999; it a highlight of my year. I look forward to helping WBC transition into the new venue and promoting the continued health of the convention in ways that reflect a positive progression for the organization. 
[  ] Grant LaDue, NY—I am running for the board because I have become passionate about WBC and all it entails during its ten years in Lancaster and now bring my entire family.  I participate in wargame, euro, 18xx, and Ameritrash tournaments as well as open gaming, the Auction and online tournaments.  I strongly advocate for the diversity of the Con which is its greatest strength and want it to continue to serve many audiences well.  Competition, camaraderie, learning and teaching; these are the things that make WBC great and it would be my honor to help the Board maintain those features in the future.
[  ] Marcy Morelli, PA—The gaming landscape is constantly changing. New types of players, games, and ways to play them all have an impact on WBC. In my job as a User Experience professional with a large financial company, I’ve spent my career listening to people. I’d like to contribute that skill to help WBC to continue being the best week of the year by making things easier, more enjoyable, and better organized. I grew up playing family and card games, transitioning to RPGs and wargames in college, and eventually introducing my family to video games, CCGs and euros. Over the past 8 years, I’ve become involved “behind the scenes” at various conventions and gaming groups as a GM and staff member.
[  ] Bruce Reiff, OH—I am running for re-election to bring stability and experience to the BPA during our transition to a new location and CD. During my time on the board we've faced many challenges. We have put the convention on solid financial footing which has allowed this move to a nicer facility. I want to be here to help watch over the move and be a part of any needed tweaks made to keep this a great convention.  We have a collection of many different types of games and gamers that come for the fun and/or the challenge. I feel that we have a great convention and want to continue to keep us on that path and ask for your vote. 
[  ] Bruno Sinigaglio, AK—I am a Mechanical Engineer at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. At age 70, I am running for one last term. Gaming is fun and I’m proud to have helped demonstrate to the world that “growing up” is highly overrated. I have worked gaming conventions in various capacities with that Greenwood guy for four decades and have GMed the following events at various “Doncons” since 1980: AFK, ANZ, B17, BWD, B81, CMS, FSE, GBH, GBG, PGG, PZB, QGB, SQL, SWM, TRC, VIP, WAS, WAT, WSM & 776, as well as Juniors and the AH500. When I last ran, I promised to bring any member comment or complaint to the Board for a hearing and am pleased to have kept that promise.
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