The Boardgame Player's Association does not make a habit of asking for donations. As a matter of fact, we engage in a bit of philanthropy overselves by supporting such worthwhile causes as the ACTS play by email site, among others. Although BPA is a non-profit corporation, its classification as a social club means that while we can accept donations from our members, the member cannot take that donation as a tax deduction on his/her personal income tax return.

Nonetheless, we are often approached by enthusiastic members who ask what else they can do to support BPA's efforts. We are flattered and encouraged that you share our zest for doing things the BPA way and want to help us continue to grow and sustain the boardgaming hobby we cherish. We recognize that gamers come in all shapes and sizes, genders, ages and interests and they also have widely varying amounts of financial resources with which to pursue their hobby. To that end, we try mightily to keep our activities affordable to all. That was in large part responsible for our recent move of WBC to Lancaster Host which afforded us the opportunity to expand with a larger facility while also reducing daily room rates.

The economics of conferences such as WBC dictate that those who stay in the host hotel are ultimately subsidizing the event for those who don't. Is that fair? No, but we don't live in a fair world. So, one way that everyone can help BPA is to be more understanding of what it takes to make a conference like this succeed. Need #1 is more gamers. Without other gamers to vie with, a gaming conference isn't much fun. So anything that brings more of us together to enjoy this annual extravaganza is to be applauded - even if some of us spend more than others.

BPA's pricing structure has always recognized this factor by extending discounts to families and those who commit to attendance early. At the same time, we are fortunate to have a number of supporters with substantial means who regularly pay more than the going rate to join at the Tribune or Sponsor levels. Such membership earns them little more than our public acknowledgement of their generosity and the realization that they help us continue in our quest to pursue what we feel is the ultimate gaming experience.

For those without the resources to contribute financially, there are gifts of time. Volunteers to GM an event or help with the Juniors are always needed. If you can't bring yourself to part with any gaming time at WBC, do what you can beforehand by downloading a poster and taking it to your local club or gamestore. Convince a friend to attend next year. If you have a great time at WBC, mention that on line when frequenting a gaming site. Every little bit helps.

Publishers can get in on the act as well by donating product for use in our Door Prize give-aways.

For those who would like to do something more substantial, feel free to contact us at Gifts can be made to address specific needs of concern to the giver - such as time clocks or junior events. Perhaps you have a skill we need such as website construction, programming, photography, transportation, etc. Or perhaps you are leaving the hobby and looking for a good home for your game collection. We'll put it to good use.

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