2012 BPA Survey Results—Badgeholders
Jan. 12, 2013

That brings us to the end of our survey with but one question left that many of you no doubt wondered why I even bothered to include. The innocuous query asked you to name your preferred style of badge, A whopping 72% of you answered in favor of the current WBC badgeholder. 16% opted for lanyards while 12% split their preference between pin-ons and wristbands. Now, of all the gripes I have to put up with about WBC, the kvetching about badgeholders is the one that frosts me the most because its so downright silly.

I’ve broken every CD rule in the book by airing everyone’s grievances so bear with me a little longer while I air MY pet peeve. What’s wrong with the WBC badgeholder? The gripes appear to be twofold. First, that people don’t like badges that hang around their neck. OK, so why is the second choice a lanyard? I’m afraid to ask what they are hanging those on. Second, that people object to being forced to pay $2 for a badgeholder.

Well, I suggest they do a little checking into the costs involved. First, the things cost us more than $2 each, so each time we force you to buy one we are losing money. So much for the ripping you off theory. If we’re doing it to make money, we sure aren’t very good at it. We could raise the rates $10 and still be the cheapest con around and no one would bat an eye. But $2 for a reusable badgeholder? OMG! Call the cops—we’re being robbed!

When we first bought the things, they were selling for $10 each at the major cons as an extra item. I liked them because they were classy, gave people a convenient place to put their cash, room keys, pens, etc and I thought folks would love getting them as opposed to the standard pin on disposable plastic things that are bad for both the environment, your shirts and the US balance of payments. I figured we were sending China enough cash without throwing away thousands of badges each year. So, to encourage you not to forget them, we charge you separately for a replacement so put it in your favorite game when you leave. But $2? Really? You pay that and more for an event ticket elsewhere. Paying it once on top of the lowest admission prices in existance is too much to ask?

Having everybody wear our badgeholder makes it easier for our security guys to spot those with badges without hassling them. Would you rather we put guards at the door to check you as you enter? And I don’t care how many years you’ve been attending or how many attendees you know by their first name and vice versa. If you choose not to wear your badge, you send a signal to everyone else that its ok for them to do the same. That makes it very difficult for our security people to do their job without becoming annoying. And that, in turn, will lead to actual guards and event tickets.

So, long story short, do yourself and me a favor and wear your badge. I’ll admit to adding to the problem by being lax in giving out badges on the "honor system” to those who left their holders in their car or their room—and slip the paper into their wallet instead. But that is going to end this year. Be you a newcomer, a ten-year veteran, or a Board member you will not leave the Registration room with a 2013 badge unless it is in a WBC badgeholder—so come prepared with either WBC badgeholder or $2.00 in hand.

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