2012 BPA Survey Results—Library
Jan. 12, 2013

The Library is a rather recent addition to WBC and you’d think the addition of a free attraction would not be controversial, but that’s not the case.

What You’d Like to See… What You Want Not to Change How I See It…
Eliminate the library 2: I’ve seen firsthand how much work and expense it is to administer, store and maintain. Thumbs Up 24: I think the game library is great, and I appreciate both the general library game demos and, when they are done well, the tournament demos. / Because of the limited time I had at the conference I didn’t have time for tournaments and greatly enjoyed the Open Game room. It gave me the opportunity to learn new games. Although I didn’t buy any from vendors while I was there, I now have a list of potential games I will be purchasing in the future. The storage, maintenance and transport of the Library is a big task and an expensive one. Improvements to it and the Open Gaming area in general have consumed the bulk of our expenditures in recent years. That said, it is a popular resource we will attempt to expand so long as publishers and the membership cooperate to that end.
Mobilize 1: Allow games to be checked out and taken elsewhere.   The vast majority of gamers are honest and allow our low oversight honor system to work reasonably well with a minimum of red tape, but there are those who are forgetful or contemptuous of our few rules and ruin it for everyone else. Theft has not been much of a problem. However, there have been numerous cases of games “borrowed” without being checked out and returned as required and deposited in guest rooms for an entire week—and thus depriving everyone else of the chance to borrow the game. Allowing library games to be taken outside the library room would likely increase the incidence of such forgetfulness. We could introduce more safeguards, but that cost would have to be passed on in the form of higher membership fees and less freedom to “window shop” what is available.
Bigger Library 5   We have a considerable investment in our library which already strains our ability to store and maintain it.
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