BPA’s Best of Boardgaming on the Web
May 12, 2014

Many boardgaming resources are available on the Internet. But how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Come to the Boardgame Players’ Association web site and review our links, below. We have assembled a list of useful sites for your convenience. If you are aware of a site that you think should be better known, contact the BPA webmaster at webmaster@boardgamers.org and request the site be added to this list. Also contact the webmaster to add your club or convention to the list.

WBC Vendors & Exhibitors
GMT Games Rio Grande Games Days of Wonder Multi Man Publishing
GMT Games Rio Grande Games Days of Wonder Multiman Publishing
Decision Games Against the Odds Conquistador Games Paul Koenig Games
Decision Games Against The Odds Conquistador Games Paul Koenig Games
Harmony House Hobbies Zman Games Academy Games Ye Olde Toy Soldiers
Harmony House Hobbies Z-Man Games Academy Games Ye Olde Toy Soldiers
Lost Battalion Games Victory Point Games Griggling Games Alliance Distributors
Lost Battalion Games Victory Point Games Griggling Games Alliance Distributors
Miller Illustrations Stronghold Games PLAAY.com
Miller Illustrations Stronghold Games Tall Tower Games PLAAY.COM
Foam Brain Games Gaming Nomads  
Columbia Games
Foam Brain Games Gaming Nomads  
Worthington Publishing  
  Acts of War
Worthington Publishing  

Games Club of Maryland - MD/DC/VA/PA
Berks Boardgamers - Pennsylvania
Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society - PA/NJ/DE
Central PA Strategists - Harrisburg, PA
Boardgamers' Pastime - Harrisburg, PA
Gaming Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania - SW Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Board Game Players - Philadelphia
D.C. Gamers - DC/MD/VA
Chicagoland Games - Chicago
Got Dice Gamers - NE Illinois/SE Wisconsin
Kokomo Area Boardgamers' Association - Indiana

The Campaigners - Southern Indiana
Strategy Gamers of Louisville - Southern Indiana
Falls of the Ohio Gamers - Southern Indiana
Columbus Area Boardgaming Society - Ohio
Jersey Gamers - New Jersey
Long Island Boardgaming Organization - New York
Rochester Boardgame Society - Rochester, NY
Schenectady Wargamers Association - Schenectady, NY
Connecticut Game Club - Connecticut
Ye Olde Gaming Society (YOGS) - Charlton, MA
Game Night Games - Salt Lake City, UT
Dallas Games - Dallas, TX
SoCal Gamers - Southern California
Toronto Area Boardgaming Society (TABS) - Toronto, ON 

Gaming Conventions

Prezcon - Charlottesville, VA
Game Days - Timonium, MD
Congress of Gamers - Washington, DC-Metro Area
CharCon - Charleston, WV
GameCon Memphis - Memphis, TN
Play On Con - Birmingham, AL

Mace - High Point, NC
Con Carolinas - Charlotte, NC
GameStorm - Vancouver, WA
A Gathering of Strangers - Salt Lake City, UT
G-Kon 2 - Arlington, TX
GaspCon - Pittsburgh, PA
Historicon (minis) - Lancaster, PA
Council of Five Nations - Capital District, NY
Total Confusion - Mansfield, MA
Ye Olde Gaming Week - Charlton, MA
WolfCon - Chicago, IL
FallCon - Calgary, Alberta
Cal-Con - Calgary, Alberta

Strat-Con - Calgary, Alberta
Upcoming Cons.com - a directory of anime, Sci-Fi, and Gaming Conventions

EuropeMasters - European Boardgaming Championships
Too Many Games - Philadelphia, PA

Game-Specific Links

Empire Builder - Crayon Rail Fanatics
For the People - Mark Herman’s Game Design Page
Gangsters - GameAholics site
Paydirt - Data-Driven Football
Rail Baron - Rail Baron Fanatics
Settlers of Catan - The Settlers of C
Squad Leader - Squad Leader Resource
Victory in the Pacific - GameAholics site
A World At War - Warplanner
Twilight Struggle -
BGG Twilight Struggle Ladder

Hobby Links
About.com - Erik Arneson's guide to boardgames
ConsimWorld - Wargame News, Information, Military History Gaming Talk
BoardgameGeek - wideranging gaming database and discussion site
Boardgame News - a site for daily news about the world of boardgaming
Armchair General Magazine - a premiere destination for military history and strategy gaming enthusiasts on the Internet
A.R.E.A. - provides player rankings for various boardgames
Web Grognards - the site for wargames on the web
Railroad Game Fans - Discuss board games with a railroad or train theme
Board Game Central - central resource for board game information, rules, software, and links
Board Game Ratings - identifies the best board games and card games on the market
GameCaravan - games database
Solo Board Games - aimed at people who play solo board games
India Wargamers - Wargaming Recruitment Posters
Boardgamer - now defunt magazine devoted to the competitive play of Avalon Hill/Victory Games
Wargame Downloads - Games, research and reference materials for gamers and developers
Game Caravan - A database of boardgames reviews, links, errata, etc., plus links to groups, conventions, and more
All Games List - An online games directory
Wiarus - Polish wargaming site (in Polish)
Wargame Academy (WGA) - Resource for historical boardgaming simulation
Northstar Games - Game manufacturer that publishes Cluzzle and Wits and Wagers
The Dice Tower - Game reviews; video and audio podcasts
Point-2-Point - Wargaming podcasts
Victory Point Games - Semi-professional small-format games at modest prices
BoardgameBeast.com - Board game ezine with reviews, blogs, and more; subscribe via Twitter
OldBoardGames.co.uk - a reference source for board game collectors and researching games from 1960s, '70s, and '80s

LaBataille ME - Napoleonic Game rules, historical articles, tactical seminars and all things related to the La Batallie series
Train Gamers Association - A group to foster and promote train gaming on both the national and local levels
Online/PBEM Gaming Links

Above the Fields - play wargames via e-mail
ACTS - Email play of numerous card-driven games sponsored by the BPA
WargameRoom.com - devoted to the real-time play of sophisticated boardgames over the Internet
Vassal - a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games
PBeM Emporium - Dedicated to fostering the play of boardgames via the Web and Email
AHIKS - the world-wide play by mail Wargaming Society
AccessDenied - Multi-player game center: PBEM, Computer Network Games, Boardgames, and RPGs
Tower Games - brings internet users browser-based, cost-effective strategy games
YourTurnMyTurn - Play 25 different online classic and modern boardgames (including Street Soccer) against other human players

Blog Links

Buffalo GameBuffs Blog
Margin of Victory
MichaelSomething's RPG Blog

Pulsipher Boardgame Design
Will Kenyon's Little Corner of the Universe
Play Board Games
Fun Board Games
Board Game Reviews by Josh

Maps and Counters

Game Store Links

Direct Source Games - Online
Game Night Games - Salt Lake City, Utah
Game Parlor - Northern Virginia

Wired For Fun - online offering military strategy games, including ASL
The Board Gamers - a large online board game storelocated in the United Kingdom

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