History — WBC 2004
Jan. 19, 2014

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WBC said goodby to the Hunt Valley Inn in 2004 after twelve wonderful years with the announcement that WBC would return to Pennsylvia in 2005 in the more spacious Lancaster Host of Lancaster, PA. A near record attendance marked the farewell. Ten events again drew in excess of 100 players and the average field again grew. ASL reversed an eight-year slide in attendance by reinventing itself as a Pre-Con. Again, 30 different states and four nations were represented in the collective winner’s circle.

The biggest single winner proved to be a graduate of the WBC Juniors room as young Devin Flawd hit a triple with three Century wins in Pro Golf, Slapshot and Titan: the Arena to claim the first ever Consul award for most Laurels earned at WBC. He bested James Pei’s dominating performance by two Laurels as the CDW champ used dominance of that genre in both email and WAM tournaments to build a huge lead for Caesar that was too much to overcome. Thirteen others doubled with two trips to the winner’s circle. Five ladies proved its not necessarily a man’s world after all and 14 defending champs held serve and repeated—led by Chris Withers who claimed his fifh straight Great Campaigns crown. On the other side of the ledger, 48 gamers claimed their initial wood.

Both Centurion and Game Master shirts were upgraded thanks to Lost Battalion Games which made available custom made shirts with the winner’s names and game graphics for each event. Way cool. So too were the souvenir WBC T’s which could be ordered with your choice of game graphics and message. Alas, I have to report that Bruce Reiff’s perfect record remains intact, having won wood every year, although at least this time the issue remained in doubt longer than usual. By Friday, he was still among the woodless and beginning to sweat after losing in both heats of his favorite events. Sigh…maybe next year the Evil Empire will fall. If Red Sox nation can do it, so can the rest of us.

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