History — WBC 2001
Jan. 19, 2014

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In 2001, the current Demonstration system was borne with one-hour mandatory teaching sessions for all B-rated events in Cafe Jay. Thanks to the sponsorship of Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games, the Frankie’s and Vinnies nightclub was transformed into a highly useful area where one could go to grab a bite to eat or a milkshake while learning one of many of Jay’s popular “Euro”games. The space was also available for the mandatory teaching sessions which freed GMs from the unintended harassment of a public which often ignores schedules and asks for assistance in the middle of an event as opposed to beforehand. The institution of these separate teaching areas has done an excellent job of encouraging the public to learn new games at opportune times instead of bogging down events in progress.

2001 was also the year we “abandoned” our conventional August date to avoid a conflict with another major gaming convention which had moved their date to the same August weekend. Amid predictions of doom and gloom, we went ahead with a June date and enjoyed our best attendance ever…stoking the hot stove leagues with endless debates over the ideal dates and especially whether holdiay weekends are taboo. But 2001 was really Rebecca’s year. The 14-year old girl from Colorado broke all existing records by being the first to “homer” with four wins (Greed, Titan: The Arena, Monsters Ravage America and Ivanhoe). The latter was a “Trial event” and thus Rebecca Hebner’s record must forever bear an asterisk a la Roger Maris. However, that may be preferable to being added to the lexicon of the conference as “pulling a Coussis”—the term GM John Coussis shall forever bear for doubling by winning both of the events he ran in 2001. Others whose doubles were dwarved by young Rebecca included Steve Cameron, Arthur Field, Devin Flawd, Aaron Fuegi, Doug Galullo and Dennis Nicholson. Only five of the Top Centurions from 2000 retained their titles in 2001.

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