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Ken Whitesell Board of Directors

Ken is a “Lead Advisory Analyst” for an insurance company in Baltimore. Ken started gaming with RPGs in 1977, graduating to real games the following year by getting started with Squad Leader and Third Reich. He started GMing events at Origins '84, and has been helping out at various conventions ever since. Ken has attended every AvalonCon / WBC, and has been a GM at most; having GMed 11 different events. He has been married to Jeanne for 15 years, and has a son John (14) and a daughter Amy (13).

His platform for the 2012 election was: Once again I ask the membership to allow me to continue the work I've been doing on the Board. My priorities always have been, and remain that (1) the convention and the BPA continue to be managed and run in a fiscally conservative manner, (2) the focus of the BPA and the WBC remains on the friendly competition between players, and (3) the interests and concerns of the players take priority over the interests of vendors. I stand on my record as being an advocate for the position that we never lose sight of what makes us different from any other convention.  

Favorite Games: Conflict of Heroes, Football Strategy, Up Front, Dominion, and the old Avalon Hill "Classics" (Afrika Korps, etc)

Issue: Maintain the focus and vision of the WBC—I want to avoid seeing it become another GenCon/Origins.