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Bruno Sinigaglio Board of Directors

Bruno's first wargame was DDay in 1963. He is the Chief of Maintenance and Operations at Fort Wainwright, Alaska—700 facilities in an area the size of Connecticut. He can help with evaluations and discussions with facilities. He wants to ensure that gamers of ALL venues have a voice in the preservation of their favorites. There is a yearly struggle to retain games in every venue. He has participated in those struggles and would like to be a voice for anyone attempting to do likewise. He worked for Avalon Hill on select projects as designer, developer, and star center fielder. He has worked conventions in various capacities going back to Origins I, long before Bruce Reiff dreamed about winning plaques. He has GMed the following events at various “Doncons” since 1980: 776, AFK, ANZ, B17, BWD, B81, CMS, FSE, GBH, GBG, PGG, PZB, QGB, SAR, SQL, TRC, VIP, and WAS, as well as Juniors and the AH500.    

Favorite Games: Grognard games and many more.

Issue: I want to ensure that gamers of ALL genres have a voice in the preservation of their favorites.