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Bruce Monnin, Secretary Board of Directors

Bruce is a substitute math teacher and a high school sportswriter in Minster, Ohio. He published the BOARDGAMER magazine until he became editor of MMP’s Operationsmagazine. He has been gaming since 1980 when he discovered Battle of the Bulge ’65. He has attended every Avaloncon/WBC, serving as GM since 1995 in seven different events and was honored with the Best GM award for his shepherding of the War At Sea tournament in 1998. He was appointed in 2000 by the BPA Board of Directors to fill out the remaining term of Russ Gifford, who retired for health reasons, and elected to a full three year term in 2002 and has served since that time.

His platform for the 2011 election was: I am running for re-election to the BPA Board of Directors because I want to help preserve the World Boardgaming Championships as the pre-eminent convention for the competitive play of boardgames.  I also wish to have the BPA continue to support other events which promote increased and improved play of these games, such as the BPA mini-cons and the BPA play-by-email tournaments. I also want to ensure that the fun remains in the WBC, through such ideas as the auction, the Team Tournament, the Caesar award and the late night events without compromising the basic competitive nature of the WBC.

Favorite Games: War At Sea, Wilderness War, Across Five Aprils, March Madness, Circus Maximus, Twilight Struggle

Issue: To steadily grow the BPA PBeM tournaments and the WBC while maintaining the focus on the play of games.