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Andy Lewis Board of Directors

Andy runs the day-to-day operations of a plastic wear and friction testing and test equipment manufacturing company and is VP of GMT Games responsible for Game Submissions and Development. His two jobs and growing family keep him very busy. He started gaming in 1971 with D-Day. He has attended Avaloncon/WBC for 19 years and been a GM for 17. He owes a lot to this convention since it is directly responsible for bringing his wife into the hobby. His position with GMT arose from his desire to help the hobby by playtesting for AH, and then GMT which led to developing SaratogaPaths of Glory, and others.

His platform for the 2012 election was: I would like to continue on the Board to ensure the composition of the Century and overall tournament offerings remains a good mix for all the different types of players who participate in WBC. I bring a personal perspective as a wargamer of 40 years who participates yearly in wargame, sports, Euro and late night events. WBC has been our family vacation since our kids were born. Danny is now 15 years old and we all participate. I also represent the perspective of the vendors and publishers as a VP of GMT Games.

Favorite Games: We The People, ASL, El Grande, Stock Car Championship Racing, Santa Fe Rails, Replay Baseball, Combat Commander

Issue: Ensure the Century and the overall tournament group remains a good mix for all the different types of players participating.