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Don Greenwood, BPA President and WBC Convention Director Board of Directors

Don is a former VP of the Avalon Hill Game Company in charge of boardgame development between 1972 and 1998. He started gaming in 1960 with the purchase ofTACTICS II. The original founder of ORIGINS, he ran four of them before and after its acquisition by GAMA. Disenchanted with the commercial aspects of the major conventions, he originated AVALONCON in 1991 under the premise of a return to basics with the emphasis on the players rather than on designers or manufacturers.

Favorite GamesBreakout Normandy, Up Front, Settlers, Football Strategy, Air Baron, Aladdins Dragons, Napoleonic Wars

Issue: Preserve the traditions of AVALONCON by maintaining the high degree of camaraderie and competition at the world’s best boardgaming convention.