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Josh Githens Board of Directors

Josh is the Retail Management Representative for HASBRO, Inc. in Greenville, SC. He has had gaming as part of his life from a young age, spending family time playingParcheesi, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit, etc. Josh was introduced to the Greenville, SC gaming group via his high school soccer coach. Since 1998 he has enjoyed playing a wide range of games from Acquire, Circus Maximus, Napoleonic Wars, Dominion, the list goes on. He looks forward to meeting up with the group every week to enjoy games but more importantly friends. This is the same way he feels about the WBC, having attended since 1999; it is the highlight of the year. He has been GM for Air Baron, and currently is the GM of Formula De. He looks forward to serving the convention and its members in ways that both strengthen and support the WBC.

Favorite Games: Circus Maximus, Napoleonic Wars, Titan, Dominion

Issue: Promote a healthy growth of new attendees while maintaining the focus and traditions that have acted as the pillars of the convention.