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Andrew Drummond Board of Directors

Andrew is a Manager at Rogers Communications in Toronto, ON, Canada. There he manages strategic pricing of large enterprise telecom accounts. He has been a gamer his entire life from the age of 4 constantly bugging his parents to play chess or whatever other game he could find. At age 9 he discovered Axis and Allies and in high school Diplomacy which opened him to the greater world of competitive gaming. In 2015 he wrote an article for his local game store entitled “WBC: The Nirvana of Serious Boardgaming” which sums up how he feels about the convention. While he tends much more to the Eurogaming side now, Andrew still likes to ensure that he spends some of WBC playing games that are entirely new to him. Andrew is also well known at WBC for his cosplay as he GMs various games including Orleans, Can’t Stop, Jr. Splendor, and Jr. Facts in Four

Favorite Games: Vegas Showdown, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Titan: The Arena, Santa Fe Rails, Kremlin, Facts in Five

Issue: Continue to maintain the traditions of WBC as we continue to get more family friendly and work to make WBC as accessible as possible.